Sunday, December 3, 2017

In case you didn't notice this giveaway, ONLY IF YOU GIVE to help my friend get his wheelchair

This giveaway is different in that I have a requirement! To be entered, you must give a donation (any amount) to 

My friends Carol and Rod, at the gym. Rod has Rapid Remitting Multiple Sclerosis and needs a new power wheelchair.
Leave a comment below or on this previous post to let me know you donated and I'll choose the winner on the evening of December 4th, 

I'm not asking for anything big, folks. Every small donation helps!


occhitat said...

Donated for Rod and Carol! Thanks so much for offering this giveaway as a response to the needs of your friend.
Katie V in NC

briddie said...

My boss has had MS for several years now. She is fortunate that she has insurance to cover her medications and hasn't suffered much loss of mobility. I have such admiration for people like Rod and Carol who refuse to give up.

Jane McLellan said...

Good luck, I hope the wheelchair is soon rolling. Beautiful thread, of course!

Karen said...

Thank you, Marilee, for this opportunity to help Rod be mobile. I, too, have MS and thankfully can walk with aids. He NEEDS this chair and together our small donations can help get it for him.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support!

It looks like there are 4 winners of hand dyed thread!
They are: Karen Jensen, Silvie Sainsardos, Katie Verna, and Bridget Hefner.
I will need mailing addresses from these winners, so please email me at

Continued sharing on social media of the fundraiser for Rod's power chair and prayers for him and his family are very much appreciated!

Thank you,

Marilee Rockley said...

The fundraiser provided enough for Rod to get his power wheelchair! Hurray!