Monday, September 30, 2019

"Lola" hand dyed purples

Going fast! This batch varies a bit from previous times I've dyed the same recipe, since there's not really a blue in it. I don't know why it is different; it could be the dye. But, I like it!

A previous "Lola" hand dyed is what I used to make the framework of grape earrings in a previous post. I was wanting to have them done by now, but they're not. I guess age is slowing me down!

I did manage to list some tatted jewelry in my Etsy shop though, here's examples:

Earrings from the Elegance pattern in Boutique Tatting changed up with silver plated spike beads.

Pendant tatted from the Rotation pattern. I finished it as a sliding knot necklace with matching nylon cord and micro-macrame details.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Grape Earrings from Italian Magazine

 This cluster of grapes earring design is a pattern in the Oct/Nov 2014 issue of the Italian magazine pictured below. I've finished one earring and have started on the 2nd one in the pair!

The pattern in the magazine is diagrammed and I also used the "Google Translate" app which worked with my smartphone's camera to translate the Italian text. It looked to me like the tatted rings were worked separately then sewn together in the original, but I decided to use a self-closing mock ring with "floating" rings thrown off from it to avoid some of the sewing.

I chose "Lizbeth Metallic" for the grape "berries". Each is a long tatted chain that is coiled around the previously tatted ring.

I tied the ends together. For these I did not try to sew in the tails, just snipped them off and added a drop of my currently favorite glue (Aleene's Fabric Fusion) using a pin. The pin is much easier to clean up than a brush! Simply wipe the pin with a paper napkin or tissue after applying the glue. 

After that hide the knot inside the coiled "berry".

The leaf and tendril at the top is added last. Since this is not my own pattern, I will not be posting any further details about it. It is in the magazine. I purchased my copy from Handy Hands Tatting and it's also available from other tatting supply shops.