Friday, September 20, 2013

Some progress in designing the new book - it broke the camera

So far I have 9 pages with something on them, for the next tatting pattern book that I'm writing.

But, I haven't even gotten to the patterns, yet! The 9 pages so far include the cover and basic tatting how-to review with many photos. It involved lots of demo time behind the tripod of my camera, taking many shots using self-timer and hoping that at least some of them would come out in focus! A less-than-stellar example is shown above.

Was nearly done with that demanding section of the book, too, when this morning my camera stopped working - oh no, not now. I can't do my work without a decent camera, so off to buy a new one. Fortunately the salesman on duty was actually a knowledgeable professional photographer and was able to show me the camera to exactly fit my needs and budget. I was all done camera shopping in less than half an hour.

The new camera has more megapixels and other fancy stuff that should take better photos than my old one did. But I'm NOT going to retake all those basic tatting how-to photos, no way...they'll just have to do. I expect to be able to take nice "glamor" shots of the projects with my new camera, though! Oh, by the way, the projects for the book will all be beaded tatting.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I feel a book coming on

Yes, I've got enough original designs started that I could do another pattern book. 

In the last few days I spent many hours choosing background color, thread colors, shuttle color, and lighting conditions for a series of "how-to" photos for that section of the book. Sample is photo at left. Not great, but it'll have to do. If I lose momentum with this big project, I'll lose interest and it won't get done at all.

Most likely self-publish, that way I can sell the digital file. But, I gotta admit that it was cool seeing my Tatted Jewelry book on the shelves at Hobby Lobby!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild keeps growing

6 of the guild members
 It seems that this guild will keep growing, which is a good thing because not everyone can come to every meeting. A different bunch with each gathering, but it seems that everyone enjoys the tatting time together. I know I do!

The photos show just a glimpse of the lovely tatting items brought for show and tell. We had one brand new tatter getting her first lesson, and she caught on very quickly. She said that her experience doing macrame may have helped.

Somebody gave me the "sad puppy eyes" when I showed another new design in progress, because "you still haven't written up your boomerang pattern". Yeah, well...writing is work :) It's more fun to tat - especially with friends!
Gail's tatted notecards

Tatting Lace by T. Fujito

Shuttle from Tat's Heaven and Brooch from Jane Eborall

Sue Anna's snowflakes from Jon Yusoff's book, Tatted Snowflake Collection