Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue Streak and first cluny tatting

This batch has the "bluest" blues that I've dyed so far. The actual blue shades are difficult to capture in a photo. It varies from light to medium dark, cool to warm blue.

Something else that I've been working on these last few days, is learning to tat clunies, aka tallies.  I've known OF cluny tatting for many years, but never got around to learning how to do it. I just figured I didn't need cluny leaves. But, in case somebody asks me to teach them, I guess I'd better learn. To me, learning to tat a cluny feels like battling the final "boss" in a video game. If I get through this, I win! LOL ;-)

Not that it's the last technique I need to learn, heavens, no. There are a lot of tatting things I've never done yet. But, nothing seemed as intimidating to me as a cluny, therefore, with joy I'm showing off my very first cluny project. It's from a pattern by Stephanie Peters. So, off to practice some more, and maybe come up with a cluny design of my own in the new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas snowflakes, cakes, and a peek into my studio

 These snowflakes with the embroidered centers are some that I made years ago, and are my personal favorites. All embroidery and tatting done completely by hand, beads strung onto the thread and worked in place while making. I buttonhole stitched the edges of the fabric centers (the fabric is double, with embroidery on both sides) and attached the tatting to the stitching. Shown hanging on a real tree.

Also, I couldn't resist showing off my Christmas cakes! Dear husband "volunteered" me to make a dessert for a party where he works, so I made Jello Poke Cake. The cake that's been cut, with the cards in back is the one I made for the family The one with the holly leaves (made from gumdrops) is the one that went to the party.

My cello and I will be part of the music at church on Christmas eve, so have been going to rehearsals and sorting out music for that. Our instrumental group will be accompanying the choir for the Mass parts, and also we will be playing by ourselves during the prelude: Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming, Away in a Manger, and Ding Dong Merrily On High. I got the music scores for free from

So, all the hustle and bustle has kept me very busy, which explains why I haven't had time to add any new hand dyed thread to my Etsy shop lately. But, will get back to it after Christmas. The bottom photo shows a peek into my studio! See, I have some thread already skeined for the next dye batch. I do wind all my skeins by hand, which is a large part of the reason that hand dyeing thread is so time-consuming. Hanging on the wall are some of my original handwoven tapestries from the days when I was a handweaver (at the back is the original "yarnplayer" with cello, that was my first avatar).

I've been looking ahead to 2013, and one of my sons has advised me to make "expensive stuff with real emeralds and rubies". I'm not sure that's a cost-effective way to go, but I think the intention is to make art pieces with an air of prestige and "wow" factor that won't become patterns. I guess he sees how hard his mom works and wants people to admire, but doesn't want everything sold! 

My Studio

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tatted Snowflake "Marian"

New snowflake pattern added to my Craftsy store and also my Etsy shop. The reason for entitling it "Marian", well, it's in honor of someone and also I couldn't think of a different title.

As shown in the photo, the design works well for combining 2 thread colors. I choose some hand dyed to combine with white, for a traditional look with an extra "pop" of color. But, it looks nice with one color, too, and in that case there are less ends to hide.

The pattern contains in-progress photos and written directions in English, for tatting with 2 shuttles.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've been closed captioned!

Screenshot of Shuttle Tatting course showing closed captioning
Even folks who aren't hearing impaired may find the closed captioning helpful, as I've been told my voice is very quiet in spite of the microphone. Some of the words in the closed captioning aren't quite right, but mostly they pass along the information okay. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Holiday Artisan Market

My table at Discovery World.

The view from my table. I'm across from the museum gift shop and the theater where the "Tesla Lives" show happens.

A "doo-dad" from Lace-Lovin' Librarian Diane, which I embellished with tatting.
Good sales of tatted jewelry items, and a lot of interest, too. Some folks stopped to watch and ask questions, or reminisce about someone they had known who tatted. The children (and adults!) love to watch a one-ring butterfly being made!