Friday, March 24, 2023

Updated "Quadrille" earring pattern


My original "Quadrille" pattern had been in my Etsy shop since 2009. I think it was the first pattern that I put there, 1 page with only one picture and written instructions. Time for an upgrade!

The new pattern has the same written instructions, so it's simply the very same pattern, but it is now 4 pages and I have added over 14 in-progress photos! Still the same price, only $2 USD.

Saturday morning update: Quadrille on Etsy now includes both the new 4 page pattern and the original 1 page pattern files for instant download.

Friday, March 17, 2023

Some Celtic necklaces and tatting plus wire earrings


Celtic Triangle necklace. I started with the Celtic Triangle Pendant taught in my "Next Steps In Shuttle Tatting" course on Craftsy, then added on to make the necklace. 

More about this shamrock pattern on this page.

I was talked into making these earrings! Making a pair of anything is twice the work of one item, plus they're expected to match or at least "go together". Also smaller so more difficult than a pendant. But pretty, aren't they?

Another person talked me into making these! But she bought me lunch and paid more than I asked, so that worked out better than expected! Wire in these is gold filled, which I hardly ever use, it's pricey!

Spring is "progressing" slowly with many steps back into winter. Just how it always is in my corner of Wisconsin.

But I have crocuses blooming!

Saturday, February 25, 2023

700 words later


Tatting and wire pendant

In times past, I would have saved the following announcement as a surprise, but oh well, you wonderful blog readers will find out early! My pendant will be featured in the June 2023 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry

I submitted my pendant in January, according to the instructions that appear in the back pages of each issue. A few days ago I received a notice from their senior managing editor saying that my piece has been chosen for a spotlight in the June issue. That includes a full page photo of the jewelry along with a one page article. So I was asked to write an article about my technique and materials in general (not a detailed step-by-step) for which I'll receive a monetary compensation.

Okay, so I just finished writing about 700 words! 

Well, that's enough writing for today - just wanted to share the excitement!

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Cadenza collar


Original tatting pattern, "Cadenza". 


Today I put my new pattern "Cadenza" collar into my Etsy shop. I chose to call it "Cadenza" because that word means a virtuoso solo passage in music, and this pattern is challenging, also. The design is basically the same as the collar shown in my previous blog post, but improved to lie better around the neck. The white collar shown was tatted in size 10 Lizbeth thread.

For the black and purple collar, I used size 20 Lizbeth thread. The result is a smaller, daintier collar, only 12 inches (30.5 cm) in length but with a longer extender chain at the back still fits an adult. I chose to tat it in 2 colors to show how different the same pattern can look!

Techniques used are ring, chain, join, lock join, node stitch (also known as Victorian sets), alligator join. Node stitch is simply 2 first halves of a double stitch followed by 2 second halves, completing one set. In the diagram for the pattern, I used gray numbers to indicate sets, and black numbers for double stitches. There are written directions also, so I made it as clear as I could.

What I feel is the trickiest part of tatting this design is the large rings used in the center motif. But, it is easier to manage by making a very large working circle to tat the ring, and wrapping the excess thread around little finger until needed. That way, more thread doesn't need to be pulled through the double stitches to enlarge the working circle as often.

Here are the 2 collars side by side, comparing size 10 thread (white) and size 20 thread (black and purple). 

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The new tatted collar


For several weeks I've been obsessed with designing a new collar, and here are pictures of the result. I'm mostly happy with it. The one thing I want to change is how it lays around the neck, to be a bit looser fitting without causing the 2 front points to overlap. But, that should be do-able, now that there's physical piece of work as a starting point.

I made a 1 minute video for TikTok and Instagram showing some of the process (very edited for fast speed), with music added from Wednesday plays cello "Paint It Black". 

Well, now that's out of my system, time to get back to hand dyeing thread! Next batch coming is expected to be "Mardi Gras".

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Collar designing in progress

 Still in the rough draft stage, I'm finding some elements for my new pointed collar that I really like but putting all together is a challenge. I'll keep going! 

Sneak peek at my design work in progress

The cello solo "Paint It Black" is the inspiration for this project. The first set of sheet music that I tried for it made it clear that it's way, WAY beyond my playing level. But fortunately an easier arrangement was prepared by cellist Wendy Law. I purchased it and wow! I can actually play it and it still gives the effect of awesome cello playing... at least I can pretend!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Celtic Mardi Gras and Working on a Collar

The "Loopy" Mardi Gras items sold out immediately, but of course the pattern is still available at my Etsy shop. In the necklace shown above, I added 3 small charms using jump rings around 3 of the center front tatted chains. Seed beads on the Celtic chains weaving through the purple were strung onto the thread before tatting. These extra embellishments are not shown on the pattern, but are easy to add.

In life outside of tatting, I play the cello a bit. Well, I recently became aware of the social media buzz about "impossible arpeggios" in an amazing cello solo played by the TV character Wednesday Addams. Naturally, I searched online for the sheet music to "Paint It Black" and purchased it! 

More to the point, since this is a tatting blog, I noticed her white pointed collar and at times it's a lace collar. That excited me, so I'm in the process of designing a tatted pointed collar but with the front part mostly, finishing with necklace chain. Less work than tatting a full collar. Nothing to show yet, but will post photos when I have made progress!

Monday, January 2, 2023

New tatting pattern "High Gear"

New pattern! High Gear

Both the "with gear" and "gearless" instructions are included in the same pattern, now listed in my Etsy shop.

The brass gear of 15.5 mm diameter used in the pattern is available from Fire Mountain Gems, part number H20-B2153FN. (It may be available from other vendors, but that's where I found it.) With the gear, size 20 thread, size 11/0 seed beads and 6mm round beads are needed. The pattern is written from the shuttle tatting perspective. 

The "gearless" version of the pattern uses a tatted center in place of a gear. This enables different sizes of thread and beads to be used, making a larger or smaller motif. It also ensures that this pattern will not become "obsolete" should the gear component ever stops being manufactured! ☺