Monday, March 28, 2011

Trendy Teardrop in ecru

I seem to be working slower than molasses in January these days, but I did finally manage to get the ecru pair done. This is my new design that I plan to make available as a pattern for sale in my shop on Etsy - but, I don't have the pattern ready just yet. It uses the Catherine Wheel join (CWJ), so if you're planning to get the pattern, study up and practice the CWJ. I plan to put photos in the pattern to illustrate the technique as well.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm working on it...

My new pattern using the Catherine Wheel join isn't ready quite yet, but will be soon. My excuses include family commitments and a whole lot of equipment breakdown, including my digital camera. But, it's replaced now. Also, finally, after changing to a different and supposedly impossible transfer setting, managed to get the irreplaceable pictures out of the old one (isn't it Murphy's Law that a camera will break down during a special occasion, not during workaday tasks!)

I've had requests for the Catherine Wheel demo to be made available as still photos, so I will work on that also.

The next dye batch is Parchment. I used the same colors as in the first batch, although this one might have longer color changes. I don't really remember what I did the first time. Well, each batch of hand dyed thread is unique, anyway - that is the nature of hand dyed thread.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catherine Wheel Join - my video demo

I made this video to demonstrate how I make Catherine Wheel joins, because I find them really useful. This type of join forms a smooth curve with no dips or breaks when outlining another tatted element in a design. The video just shows a single ring being outlined in order to explain the basic process.

Examples of where I've used this type of join include the Boomerang earrings and the Amoeba Triangle. I also have another pattern in progress that uses it, so you'll be seeing more of this join.

To download a PDF file of still photos showing the steps of making this join, CLICK HERE.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A different triangle design

In this triangle, I was attempting to get more "swing" into the shape, instead of symmetry. The result has sort of an organic look, I think, so I called it "Amoeba Triangle".
The center is tatted in my own hand dyed thread, "Celery". By the way, I also just finished adding a fresh batch of "Celery" to my Etsy shop.

Monday, March 7, 2011

New triangle design in progress

The "amoeba boomerang" design in the mid century modern glass (shown in the photo) is the inspiration. I've spent many hours trying to puzzle out how to tat it! Completely nutty idea, I know - tatting doesn't like streamlined shapes, but I'm imposing my will on it :-)

I do think it's starting to shape up into something interesting. Just needs a little tweaking to add stability. I used Catherine Wheel joins to get the smooth curves in the chain. Yes, I know that I need to make a tutorial on how I"m doing those joins, and I do plan the future.

Student work
By the way, the first tatting class series that I taught at Discovery World is completed. Here's a photo of some of the things the students tatted. The bunny is from a free pattern at
They learned to shuttle tat rings, chains, joins, lock joins, floating rings using 2nd shuttle, and in the 4th session they even learned split rings! I am so proud of them! More classes will be scheduled in the future, so if you happen to live in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area call the gift shop at 414-765-8770 to let them know you'd like to put your name on the waiting list for tatting classes. You'll then be notified when a class is scheduled.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Boomerang earrings

These are fun, but fiddly to make. I want to do more designs with boomerangs, but for right now, I've got to hand dye more thread. The shelves are going empty! That's a good sign of a bright future, though.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The "Vision" set, and photos from tatting class

Actually, I finished this set quite some time ago, and finally got around to listing it again. The Vision necklace pattern is available free on my blog, but the matching earring pattern is in my Boutique Tatting book.
My tatting among other hand crafted items in the gift shop
View of Milwaukee Art Museum from Discovery World
View of city of Milwaukee from Discovery World

Student work
Above are some photos taken during my tatting classes at Discovery World museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's a fantastic view through the windows there! My beginning tatting students have been doing really well! They've been practicing :-) Here is their work after just 2 weeks.

Tatting class with view of Lake Michigan