Friday, April 28, 2017

Stardate and classes coming up!

New batch listed!
Photo at left shows one of the steps in the dyeing process, the rinse bath.

The classes that I'll be teaching at the Bead&Button Show this coming June are filling up! So, if you were thinking of coming to the show in Milwaukee and taking a tatting class there, better register soon before all the seats are gone!

These are the projects for the classes:
Shuttle Tatting Basics by Marilee Rockley

Steampunk Gear Tatted Earrings by Marilee Rockley
I'm gathering supplies and preparing to pack the kits for the classes! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


 At last spring is bursting out all over!
I'm really enjoying it after the bleak winter we had around here. Since I'm involved in church music (singing in the choir and playing the cello) last week was very, very busy! Saturday night the church looked especially lovely and I got into the photo with the flowers. I'm wearing pink "Grand Aura" tatted earrings, and below is a close-up of the earrings.The pattern is my own, found in the Up and Tat 'Em book.

For Sunday morning, I chose a pair of aqua tatted earrings, done in the Celtic knot pattern from Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns by Rozella F. Linden. I started the earrings at what would have been the Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild meeting on April 10, except the meeting was poorly attended due to weather conditions and people having other commitments. It's still fun to tat in public, anyway!