Friday, January 30, 2009

Presenting "Corsage" hand dyed thread

The next HDT in my "Orchid" series - this variety reminds me of the elegant corsages seen only on very special occasions. I think this is one of my personal favorites.

There are so many wonderful, heartwarming comments on my giveaway post. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit. I hope you found my blog interesting enough to come again!

Monday, January 26, 2009

One World - One Heart Giveaway

I've decided to join in on this wonderful event hosted by Lisa from A Whimsical Bohemian, so click on the badge above to find out more about it. I first learned about this happening from TattingChic. Anyway, here is what will be included in my giveaway:

A copy of my book "Boutique Tatting"
2 skeins of my HDT in "Lavender Orchid" size 30
A set of 5 solids in size 30 to match the multicolored skeins of "Lavender Orchid"
And, a beautiful white necklace, hand tatted by me, in my original design "Bedazzled Butterfly".
You have until February 11 at 6 p.m. central time to leave a comment on this post in order to have a chance to win this giveaway. You need to either have an active blog or some way for me to contact you if you win - so that I can later communicate via email to get your mailing address. The winner will be chosen from a hat by one of my very impartial (and totally uninterested) sons. Winner will be announced on February 12.

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Lavender Orchid"

Deep intense pink, shading to light lavender. Colors inspired by the orchid in the photo to the left. The tatted leaf bookmark is a design I just made up as I went along, while playing with the new thread.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Knit slippers and another treasury

The knitted slippers are done! Because I used a multicolored yarn (see TattingChic's post for an explanation of the difference between variegated and multicolored) they don't quite match, but I think they go together, and I'm happy with them. The soles are sheepskin, so they won't wear out quickly the way socks do. I bought the soles ready-made at a local yarn shop.

It was so thrilling to find out this morning that another one of my Etsy items got chosen for a Treasury Showcase! Click here to see the treasury - as usual with these, it's only up temporarily, so the link only works for a while.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"Double Orbit"

I call this design "Double Orbit" because the round red beads (Swarovski crystal pearls) resemble 2 tiny planets in a close orbit - sort of. Tatted in my own HDT "Rhubarb Pie", size 20. I think folks may want this pattern, so I'll work on getting it written up someday. Maybe some variations will come to me as time goes by.

Another visit to the wonderful Miwaukee Domes gave me more color ideas for future batches of hand dyed thread. The next batch will include some 6 strand embroidery floss as well - there have been quite a few embroiderers visiting my shop!

The bottom photo gives a clue as to what I may call my next batch!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Spring Grass"

These are muted soft greens, that would add interest to lace foliage in flower motifs. This batch is much less bright than some of my previous greens, and has almost an "old tapestry" feel.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Bedazzled Butterfly" in white

I call this design "Bedazzled Butterfly", and it is one of the patterns included in my book, "Boutique Tatting".

It is challenging, but some tatters may be happy to know that there are no split rings in the butterfly part of the pattern. I've put some in the neck cord, but that is optional.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A whole treasury of tatting

Check this out - a whole Etsy treasury that's completely tatting!
The link only works for a while. Etsy treasuries are changed frequently, so tatting has a good chance of being featured again!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Roses" in the snow

That's genuine Wisconsin snow there, with a fresh batch of my HDT "Roses" crammed into a glass vase on top. Just finished stocking my Etsy shop - with the hand dyed thread, not the snow (grin).

Friday, January 2, 2009

"Arches" doily

This is my original design, which I came up with many years ago. It's just basic tatting with one shuttle and a ball of thread. Enjoy!

For pdf of this pattern, click here.

Doily measures about 6 inches in diameter when made in size 30 crochet cotton. Ball and shuttle are used throughout.

Center: R 12--12. R 2-2-2-2. RW. Ch 6-6, j to 2nd p of small r. RW. R 2-2-2-2. RW. Ch 6-6, j to 2nd p of small r just made. RW. R 12+12 (to long p of 1st r). Repeat until there are 6 large r in all, each sep by 2 small rings and chains.

Rnd 1: R 4+4 (to p on ch of center). RW Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3. RW. Repeat all around the center.

Rnd 2: R 12+12 (to middle p of ch on previous rnd). [R 2-2-2-2. RW. Ch 6-6, j to 2nd p of small r just made. RW.] Rep [ to ] for a total of 4 small rings and chains, then R 12+12 again. Rep the sequence all around rnd 1.

Rnd 3: This rnd is all chains. J to p of 2nd ch of previous rnd, ch 10, j to p of 3rd ch of previous rnd. Ch 13 p 2 ds bet, then repeat the sequence all around, always skipping the 4th and 1st ch of the previous rnd.

Rnd 4: This rnd is all chains. J to 1st p of large ch of previous rnd, ch 3-3, skip 1 p and j to next p. Repeat for a total of 6 ch, this forms one "arch". Then ch 5, and repeat this sequence all around.

Final rnd: R4+4 (to last p of an arch of previous rnd). R 4+4 (to 1st

p of next arch of previous rnd). RW. Ch 3-3-3. RW. R4+4 (to next p on arch of previous rnd). Continue all around, making ch between all r except those at the beginning and end of each arch.

"Arches" doily © Marilee Rockley 2009

R ring
Ch chain
rnd round
- picot
-- large picot
+ join
j join
p picot
RW reverse work
sep separated
bet between
ds double stitch

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Victorian Rectangle

Basic edging becomes a bookmark
with no ends to hide!

For pdf file click here.

Basic Edging (written out in the traditional way)
Use ball and shuttle. R 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, cl r. *RW. Ch 3ds, p, 3ds. RW. R 3ds, j to last p of prev r, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, cl r. Rep from * for pattern.

Same pattern (written the modern shorthand way)
R 3-3-3-3. *RW. Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3-3-3 (to last p of PR).* Rep *-*

Victorian Rectangle

A bookmark made from the basic edging pattern with corners added. Using two colors leave about 6 inch ends to start; these will become the tassel. (Tip: Do the first ring, then add the ball thread by just laying it in place when you start the first chain. Leave a tail out -- you don't need a knot, it will stay when you have done the first ds.)

R 3-3-3-3. RW. Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3-3-3 (to last p of PR). RW.
Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3+3-3 (to last p of PR and center p of 1st r). RW.
Ch 6-6.

Finishing: Cut threads, leaving ends about 6 inches long. Tie the last 2 ends by taking the core thread (the one that matches the color of the ring) through the 1st ring, bringing the chain thread around to tie the 1st half of a square knot. Then gather all the ends together and tie one big overhand knot, snugging it up to the base of the bookmark. Trim ends as desired.

Ch (chain)
cl r (close ring)
ds (double stitch)

j (join )
p (picot)

prev (previous)
PR (previous ring)
- (picot)
+ (join)
rep (repeat)
R (ring)
RW (reverse work)
sep (separated)

"Chill" snowflake

This two shuttle snowflake pattern makes use of split rings and twisted picots. The finished snowflake measures about 3 inches across in size 30 crochet cotton.

For pattern as pdf click here.

Wind 2 shuttles with continuous thread.

R 6-2-2-6. RW. Ch 6-3--3-6. (The large picot measures 3cm when open). R 6+2-2-6. (j to last p of previous r). Continue around for a total of 6 r and ch, joining the last r by both 1st and last p. J the last ch to the base of 1st r.

SR of 5/5. This is where you climb out of the 1st round to the 2nd round.

*Ch 15. RW. SR with 1st half of 5+5 (to large p, twisting it 4 times in direction of thread twist before making the j), then 2nd half of SR of 10.
Ch 10. RW. SR of 5+5/10 (to same twisted p). Ch 15. RW.
R5+5 (to base of r on previous round). RW..

This completes one branch of the snowflake. Repeat instructions from * for a total of 6 branches. Give each branch a tug after completion to center and straighten the twisted picot.

R ring
Ch chain
cm centimeter
SR split ring
- picot
-- large picot
+ join
j join
p picot
RW reverse work
/ separates number of stitches on each side of a split ring