Wednesday, April 14, 2021

"Phoenix" pattern is finished!

All done and now listed in my Etsy shop.

The instructions have taken 16 pages and include both the small necklace design and the large high collar, with many photos.
I have written in this style: "Ch 2+7-2 (to last picot of previous ch)." So, to clarify, I've used a + to indicate a join, and described the location of the join at the end of the sentence in parentheses.

Each design is basically constructed in the same way from a total of 6 sections with cut and tie after each. 

I used "front side/back side" tatting for this project. I know that many people don't notice any difference so of course that is an optional choice for the individual tatter.

To join the side sections to the center, I described the way I did it, starting each section in a slightly different place. Of course those sections could be started in any number of ways so just do what makes sense to you. The point is, you don't want to find yourself in an awkward spot for joining to the center last, so that's why it's better to get those joins done early.

Anyway, I hope those who tat this pattern will have fun with it!