Sunday, January 29, 2017

Another Tatting + Wire-wrapped Pendant

 Experimenting again! 
The basic procedure I've been using for my tatting + wire pendants does seem to always work, with random, asymmetrical, organic results. Generally, for these pendants here's what I do:

First, I form a frame of 18 gauge wire. Any shape seems to work, as long as it forms a base of at least 2 wires to attach the tatting to (so that the tatting stays securely in place and doesn't spin around the wire.)

3 colors of thread on shuttles. I like to use hand dyed thread of size 10 to 20, sometimes mixing the sizes.

Mostly I use Josephine rings for the flowers, but throw in normal rings and dimple rings for variety. Encapsulation technique for the chains (stems), wrapping over the unused colors with un-flipped stitches.

Then 28 gauge wire in basic wire-wrapping techniques to attach the tatting, beads, and cover the frame wires. I think the tatting is strong enough to stand up to the wire, as long as it's over double stitches, not over a single thread.

I have a YouTube video showing this type of work HERE.

I sell pendants like this and other original tatted jewelry in my Etsy shop.

The back side

Monday, January 9, 2017

A bit more industrial, and "Peace"

Well, I tried all last week to come up with a new "manly" or "unisex" tatted accessory design, but got nothing but a mess of knots! Inspiration doesn't turn on like a faucet for me! The best I could do so far is this Celtic Triangle variation, which is based on the pattern in my Next Steps In Shuttle Tatting class. I put it on a 2mm round leather cord, and I like the "industrial" appearance. I need to buy more leather cord and metal beads!

For my Etsy Shop I also dyed a new batch of "Peace" thread, which is based on the colors in a Peace rose.

Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild meeting today! To find out more, see the group blog.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Book review and giveaway at The Beading Gem

It's such an honor, I'm absolutely thrilled! The Beading Gem has a book review and giveaway featuring my latest pattern book! See her article and enter at The Beading Gem.