Tuesday, September 1, 2020

More Tatting Added to the Jacket

 Using the medium shade of green thread left over from the center leaves (plus yellow and orange), I made up the 1st long floral side motif as I went along. Then, I used the finished piece as a guide for tatting the 2nd motif to match. The techniques included are encapsulation, daisy picot, Josephine rings, and a little bit of spiral chain near the bottom.

After pinning the tatting in place I sewed it on using white thread to match the jacket. 

For the jacket lapel, I wanted a 3 dimensional button look, so I sewed around the center of the flowers only, leaving the petals free. Pattern is Double Flower Celtic.

Butterflies on the shoulder. Pattern is Flutterby Heart.

I'm already happy to wear the jacket as it is. But it will continue to be a work in progress.