Monday, October 31, 2011

Ginkgo Leaf pattern is ready

The pattern for the Ginkgo Leaf is now finished, and I've listed it for sale in my Etsy Shop. The pattern has instructions for the leaf with or without beads, with many in-progress photos. I consider it an advanced level pattern, mostly because of the folded rings and the Catherine Wheel joins.

But, actually a folded ring isn't really that hard. I think if you can already tat a ring, you'll be able to learn the folded ring easily from the instructions in the pattern.

The Catherine Wheel join is a bit fiddly, but I made a video and a free PDF tutorial on that technique. I like that join for when I want a smooth, outlining curve in a design.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Show schedule and new book

My table at Discovery World last year.

In November and December, there will be 3 shows where I'll be displaying my tatted jewelry and demonstrating tatting. The first coming up is Loominosity November 3 - 6. This is a group effort, so although I will have things on display there all 4 days, I only plan to be demonstrating at that location (New Berlin, Wisconsin) on Thursday, November 3rd, until about 3:30 pm.

The following weekend, November 12 and 13, I will be at the Milwaukee Domes for the Jewelry in the Domes show. I will be at that event both days, sharing a table with the fabulous felt artist, Jan Falk.

Then, December 3 and 4, I expect to have my own booth at the Discovery World Holiday Artisan Market. So busy, busy!

My demo at Loominosity 2010
Some of my tatting in the gift shop.
And, to top it all off, my new book is coming out very soon! It's called  
Tatted Jewelry and you can see a preview at Annie's Attic. That is where you can buy the book (as soon as it's ready). I'm quite happy to have had a book published by a real publisher!
Update: Since Annie's Attic doesn't ship overseas, I'll see what I can do about getting some copies to sell from my blog or Etsy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free pattern! "Roundabout" earrings

This is a one shuttle tatting pattern. The design reminds me of a roundabout intersection of roads, and it's also a sort of cross. To download the PDF file, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Black Bedazzled Butterfly tatted necklace

The necklace that I've been working on is done! The pattern is from my Boutique Tatting book. I did some extra embellishing on this one, adding tatted connectors to the neck chain and making the antennae a bit more fancy, but otherwise it is just as written in the book. The thread in this model is Lizbeth size 20, the beads are Swarovski pearls sizes 4mm and 6mm, and the seed beads around the outer edge are size 11/0.

Here's a short video showing the outer chain tatting in progress, with lock joins and bead picots.

Note to experienced tatters: after trying the lock joins both ways (pulling UP through the picot, or DOWN through the picot) I decided that the up join worked best for this design element. The reason: the up join tends to make the edging turn slightly upwards, which is what I want for the front of the necklace. A detail that most people won't notice, but that is just how it is with details, we do them to please ourselves, don't we :-)

Other news: someone asked if I had thread dyed in grey to crimson like my I.D. photo. Well, at the time I didn't (the photo effect was created digitally) but, I do now! At least until it gets scooped up by Etsy shoppers!