Friday, October 31, 2008

"Nicobar Pigeon" HDT batch, and an honor on Etsy

While visiting the zoo a few weeks ago, I spotted this beautiful bird with brightly colored, iridescent feathers. I immediately thought, "What great colors for a dye batch!" The photo above is the best picture I was able to take of it, which doesn't show that there is a little red on the bird as well.
Here is my attempt to capture the colors of the Nicobar Pigeon in thread.
In other news, I found out this morning that my red tatted necklace "Ruffled Orbit" was included in "Treasury West" on Etsy - (a tempory honor, so the link will only work for a while). Anyway, it's so nice to get recognition for one's work!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How about a picot 2.25 inches when open...

...change a stitch count here and there, move some beads to the other side...hmmm, I think there may be possibilities.

What is going on here? I am working out another necklace design. I ran out of the "Blue Green Pastel" HDT used in the rough draft on the left. So the next attempt (in progress) on the right is being worked in white with red beads, which I think will be a pretty combination.

More to be shown as it is completed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beads on 2nd half of split ring

I am working on a design that will have beads on the 2nd half of a split ring. The beads for that need to be on the 2nd shuttle. Since the double stitches on the 2nd part of a split ring are not flipped, the beads are added differently than in a normal ring. The beads are kept on the shuttle until needed, then slid into place.

Because I tat a split ring by taking it off my hand, turning the working loop over, and replacing it on my hand to tat as usual, the unflipped double stitches appear "back side up". (Another way to tat the split ring is the "dead spider" method, but I am not so familiar with that technique.)
Anyway, with either working method, the unflipped stitches are worked 2nd half, then 1st half - which can get confusing! If I get lost, I have found that if it "looks" like I should do a 2nd half, that's the one needed - though it is really the "1st half" here! (Confused enough, yet?) Sometimes it helps to look at the other side, to see if the stitches look consistent.

So this is the "back side" of the completed split ring in the tatting so far. But, if I were a perfectionist, I would do something about the other ring - which has its "back side" the other way - oops! Well, people who have tatted my patterns know that I tend to take a casual attitude about "back side, front side" anyway - sometimes!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Ruffled Orbit" tatted necklace - version 1

So, here is what I came up with the first time. Not bad, but I think I would change a few things if I tat this design again. The center part could be improved, possibly by including 1 or more larger beads at that area. I am not sure if the large "orbits" need more stability with a few more joins, or not. More pondering, while this design rests a bit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Ruffled Orbit" in progress

Currently I'm working on a tatted necklace design I will call "Ruffled Orbit". It uses my goofy method of putting a bead in the center of a split ring by tatting a long picot on a short chain, then tatting the split ring, and using a shuttle join at the end of the beaded picot. The result is a bead that is slightly tilted in the split ring, resembling an off-kilter"orbit". More on this technique later.
Due to some inquiries from needle tatters about my patterns, I've made a perfunctory attempt to understand the basics of needle tatting.
However, I've decided that I am not going to try to become knowledgeable enough to be able to translate my patterns into needle tatting.
But fear not - there is a lot of talent emerging, and I'm sure that designers unique to the art will publish many creative patterns written especially for the needle.
To any local readers of this blog (in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area) I have a beginning shuttle tatting class scheduled for the evening of Oct. 30, with 1 student already signed up. You may contact me for further info via email (my email address is listed with my profile).
Of interest to HDT addicts, a fresh "Snowflake" batch of hand dyed thread is now available in my etsy shop. Also soon to be added are a few more skeins of "Sugar Maple" along with a couple "mini-sets" of solids. Then, after they are rinsed and dryed, a limited amount of dark green "Forest" will be added. Just more fun stuff to play with!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lighthouse Lacers tree for raffle

The Lighthouse Lacers finished decorating a tree with handmade lace ornaments, to be donated to the Hospice Alliance, which raffles off the tree. In the past, they have raised up to $1500!

Donations of handmade lace ornaments from non-member lacemakers are gratefully accepted. See the Lighthouse Lacers website for contact information.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It was fun being on TV!

Here is a photo of me with Dana R. Kohler, the Producer and Host of the TV program, "Senior Forum". What a super-nice guy! He made me feel right at home, and quite comfortable even though this was my first time on a TV talk show. We discussed how people can use the power of the Internet to turn a hobby into a business. He asked about my tatting, hand dyed thread, my book, how I got started setting up a blog and Etsy shop, etc. Even the fact that I started the cello later in life was mentioned. All in all, it was very exciting to have my very own chance to be "in the limelight"!

There is not a link to the program online. If anyone wishes to buy a DVD copy (they are $10 each), they can contact Dana R. Kohler by email at Drtrax(at)
The episode that I appear on is #185. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how good I look on TV!

Friday, October 3, 2008

TV, Artisans and Entrepreneurs

Not going to think about it too much, or panic will set in --
I'm gonna be on TV! Just a local channel. I'm hoping to be able to get a clip to post online later, since most visitors to my blog won't have access to the program. I'll be taping on Sunday, October 5, and the program will air Tuesday, October 7 on "Senior Forum" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - broadcast channel 55, cable 15.

In other news - I have been accepted into the Artisan and Entrepreneur Market at Discovery World. This is a juried art fair, held on Dec. 6. Here is a news clip about last year's market.

All this excitement - and "Tourmaline", too! A fresh batch is on its way to my etsy shop.