Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Metallic thread experiment 2 = success!

This time I tatted my Atom in Simthread. It’s finer than size 20, so I added a few more double stitches. (6 instead of 5 in the center. 8 sets and 13 sets in the “orbits” instead of 7 and 12.)
The work in progress

 The Simthread from Rita Richmond at Shuttle By Design worked well! I was able to tat my split rings around beads and close them without problems. The thread also stood up to undoing mistakes.
 I still need to finish the ends of the necklace chain before listing this atom in my Etsy shop.
 This new colorway I call “Solar Flare”. Only a test batch, so just a few skeins listed in my Etsy shop

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Metallic thread experiment 1

I recently gave this Beadsmith metallic thread a try. It's a 2 ply with a thickness is similar to DMC size 30 crochet cotton. It worked okay to tat both rings and chains in a simple pattern (my "Dazzling Debut" earring design).

However, something more complex, such as my "Atom" with a split ring around a bead, didn't work, though. The Beadsmith thread isn't smooth enough for such a tricky maneuver!

Rita Richmond of "Shuttle By Design" sells a different brand of metallic thread that is 3 ply. I've placed an order for some! When it arrives, I'll test tat it!

In the meantime, I decided to tat an atom of Lizbeth thread (River Blue medium) and get more scientific (using the term VERY loosely) with particle theory by adding "neutrinos" and "quarks" simply by adding tiny beads :-D