Saturday, June 29, 2019

New Hand Dyed Batch "Summit"

"Summit" hand dyed shown in size 10

"Summit" is a new dye batch that is inspired from the view I saw from the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado. I attempted to capture the impression of the shaded blues of the sky and distant mount tops, a bit of white from the clouds and snow, and the gray browns of the rocks.

Hand dyeing in progress along with the scene that inspired the colors
Small batch now listed in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

My Mountain Top Experience

Me being extremely cool in sub-zero wind chill wearing my Star Trek jacket, on what seems like a different planet
 Yes, that's me standing on top of a mountain in Colorado! How I got up there is thanks to the people who built the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, the highest paved road in North America. My dear hubby drove us up, cool as a cucumber, while I was "slightly frightened" at the many twists and turns in the narrowing road and scary drop-offs without guardrails. But, the views from the summit are spectacular! It was like being on top of the world!
Miles of Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Snow capped peaks in the Rockies

A mountain goat in its natural habitat

Breathtaking beauty

Drive guardrails and thousands of feet down!

I started a snowflake from Renulek's pattern while visiting Colorado

The finished snowflake! Please see Renulek's Etsy Shop to buy her patterns.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Hand dyed "Beach Cafe"

A freshly dyed batch of "Beach Cafe" has just been added to my Etsy Shop!

While looking at my Etsy shop you may notice a reserved listing. This is why:

Etsy has a "Design Awards" contest going, and they will announce the winners sometime in August or September. Since it didn't cost anything to enter, I filled out the form and entered my Ecru and Red Heart. The item has to stay in the shop for the duration of the contest, so that's why I set it as a "reserved" listing. Please don't buy it! I would be disqualified!
Ecru and Red Heart