Thursday, July 22, 2021

Beading with Tatting, Color and Roses


Work in progress: tatting with beads, beading around 8mm beads, and a retake on a previous design in peppermint green.

This beading is peyote stitch, using a doubled thread as shown in the 2nd photo. I've been using 6 lb. "Fireline" thread but have observed that it's a bit thick to use doubled with the size 11/0 Delicas beads and tiny size 15/0 seed beads that I'm working with. So have placed an order for 4 lb. Fireline to use in the future. Oh, and if you are looking for a tutorial, I'm following the top bead design shown by Viktoriya Antipova in her YouTube video here: And it would be nice to support her by giving her video a "like".

Last weekend was a classic car show and I fell in love with all the aqua and teal colors I saw! So, having realized that I've never done a dye batch completely of aqua shades, that's definitely on the to-do list. (^^ )

The Peace rose that I had been using in photographs up to now was one I had seen at the Boerner Botanical Gardens. But theirs died, so since I really need a Peace rose in my life I bought one and planted it in my own garden. So here's a photo of its 3rd rose produced this summer!

Now that I've learned a little bit about roses (I was clueless!) now I have a deeper appreciation for the "faithfully blooming every summer for 22 years" red rose given to me by my mother. 

I don't know the name of this rose, but with the help of a rose expert friend, we've decided that it's a beautiful red rose! (And the inspiration for my original "Roses" batch of hand dyed thread.)

Monday, June 21, 2021

Tatting the "Vision" necklace demo


The "Vision" necklace video demo is on YouTube here: 

The pattern is my original from 2009. To download the free PDF click here.

Many techniques are used in this design, including strung beads on a long picot, beads placed over picots, Victorian sets, and split rings. 

Let me explain about the way I did split rings in this pattern: I started each split ring with shuttle 1. This causes the split ring to turn over "back side" when it's finished. Important in this pattern because there are differing stitch counts on each side to cause the row of rings to curve. If started with shuttle 2 the split ring won't turn over and that would cause curving in the wrong direction for this design.

Split ring in progress

Row of split rings

Monday, June 7, 2021

The Jubiloso doily in color!



All done! I'm really pleased with the placement of the colors. The complete list of the thread colors I used are on my previous post. The Jubiloso pattern is listed in my Etsy shop

I put a short video of the process of tatting this doily on TikTok, and was very surprised it went somewhat "viral" with over 65 thousand views at the time of this writing. Well, there's 21st century technology being put to use for learning about handcrafting and art, I think that's a step in the right direction.