Sunday, June 4, 2023

Vintage letter "B" made easier, or perhaps not!


The tatted alphabet in Priscilla Tatting Book No. 2, published 1915 has instructions in paragraphs so densely packed that it is hard to figure out. 

Here are my 21st Century "hacks" to make it easier... or perhaps I've made it worse! I'm only going to give instructions for the letter "B", but all the letters are combinations of similar elements. So here we go!

This project is mostly chains. For shuttle tatting only 1 to 2 yards on the shuttle and leave attached to the ball.

Begin at the top of the straight side of letter "B". R 2-2-2-2-2-2, close ring, RW.

Ch 7, 2 first halves, drop picot, 2 second halves. (It's simpler to write the same instructions this way: Ch 8, drop picot. The 2 second halves count as the first double stitch in the next set of Ch 8. I hope this makes sense.) The original instructions do not have a drop picot. They did a join at that area by wrapping the thread around the chain, like what we would call an "alligator join".  

Ch 8, drop picot, then normal picot.

Ch 10, drop picot, Ch 10. Tighten a little, but keep the chain straight. RW (turn work to go back).
Bottom ring: R 2-2-2-2-2-2, close ring.
[Ch 4-4-4. Lock join to next drop picot.] 2 times.
Ch 4-4. Lock join to next drop picot. Ch 4-4. Wrap thread below 1st ring, turning ring to face front side up.

Ch 9-9-10-8+(lock join to picot of 1st chain) 8+(normal join to previous chain) 11-12-12.
Wrap thread around bottom ring. RW. 

For front side, back side tatting, tat the following row "back side".
Ch 4-4-4. Lock join. Ch 4-4-4-4. Lock join.
Ch 4-4-4. Lock join to picot joining previous chain.
[Ch 4-4-4. Lock join.] 3 times.
Tie threads around top ring, hide ends, and cut.

Here is a sign I made using tatted letters. It says "Beach" to remind me that I live only a few miles from a beach!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

The winner!


The winner of the giveaway is Melissa! Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments on my previous post. 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Published in Belle Armoire Jewelry!

 In today's mail I received a lovely surprise! The issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine with my own wire-wrapped tatted pendant article in it!

The issue is Summer 2023. It will arrive on news stands around June 1, 2023. 

Because I'm a subscriber to the magazine, I received 2 copies in the mail: my subscription plus a complimentary copy for being published. So, I have 1 copy to give away!

Giveaway!!! Open to residents of the USA only (because of shipping costs).

To be entered in the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post before May 20, 2023.
I'll choose one winner on Saturday, May 20th and contact the winner (so please leave some contact info in your comment). This giveaway includes some hand dyed thread samples along with the magazine. ☺

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Tatted Link Earrings


I've made a video demo and posted it on YouTube.
Short clips from the video are also on Instagram and TikTok. It's a very simple pattern, and here's the diagram:

The following photos list the supplies that I used:

An example of the 20mm links used:

Short story: I happened to be wearing a pair of these earrings while hiking on the Hank Aaron Nature Trail in Milwaukee. I passed a group of teenage students on a field trip there, and one of them said, "I like your earrings!"
That made my day and inspired me to put the tutorial online. I hope you'll enjoy!

Friday, March 31, 2023

Celtic Triangle Necklace pattern

This pattern is now available from my Etsy shop. 

Tatting techniques used include ring, picot, chain, join, Catherine Wheel join, bead picot, and floating ring. It's written from the shuttle tatting point of view, since that's what I do, but the pattern should be do-able for needle tatters as well, and they wouldn't even need a Celtic shuttle!

The center part of this pattern is a demonstration in one of my video lessons on Craftsy, in the "Next Steps In Shuttle Tatting" course. But, the extensions on the sides and bottom are new, and since so many people asked how to do this version of the motif it is now written as a pattern with stitch count photographs, written directions in English and several in-progress photographs.

 Be aware that this finished motif does require three 7mm jump rings to hold the parts together to keep it stable, otherwise the tatted extensions would just flop around loosely. That's one of the reasons that I hesitated in offering this version as a pattern. But, the jump rings do give it a rustic appearance and are decorative. I used Vintaj natural brass roped cable jump rings on the model, but any kind can be used as long as they're the correct size.

I finished the pattern model with 2.4mm cable chain, smaller 6mm jump rings to fit the chain, lobster style clasp, and extender chain. Of course it can be finished in many other ways, tatted in many colors, and I'm looking forward to seeing the creativity of others using this pattern!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Updated "Quadrille" earring pattern


My original "Quadrille" pattern had been in my Etsy shop since 2009. I think it was the first pattern that I put there, 1 page with only one picture and written instructions. Time for an upgrade!

The new pattern has the same written instructions, so it's simply the very same pattern, but it is now 4 pages and I have added over 14 in-progress photos! Still the same price, only $2 USD.

Saturday morning update: Quadrille on Etsy now includes both the new 4 page pattern and the original 1 page pattern files for instant download.