Thursday, December 31, 2020

My 2020 Tatting (and Weaving and Micro Macramé and Wire Wrapping)

In spite of the relentless chaos of the past year, joy was found in staying creative. Some of my favorite projects of 2020:

My design "Flutterby Heart"

My design "Petal Portal"

Zipper pull gifts

Handwoven towels all from the same warp

From a tutorial by Macramé Tita

From a tutorial by Macramé Tita

From a tutorial by Macramé Tita

My design "Flat Carnation"

My design Double Flower Celtic

Same vintage pattern tatted 40 years apart

Designing the "Daylily Dance" pattern in progress

My design, "Daylily Dance"

My jacket with tatting, still a work in progress

My design "Dissent" collar, inspired by a collar worn by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

An example of wire wrapping combined with tatting

My last tatted project of 2020

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Colors of the Peace Rose


The Peace rose is one of my favorite flowers, and the colors inspired my dye batch by the same name. I've listed some of the thread on Etsy.

It's been about a year since I posted my free tatting pattern "Star Capella" so here's the link to the PDF pattern and the link to my YouTube video. The mirror reversed, aka left handed video is here.

While I was doing the Peace batch, I made a short video showing how I dye thread and posted it on my Facebook page and the smartphone app TikTok. I'm @marileerockley on TikTok, which is all short videos (less than 60 seconds) in vertical format. The still photos below show painting the dye on the thread, and the rinse bath after the dye has set. These are of the Peace batch I just made. So you can see that the dye colors are much darker when being applied than how they look on the finished dry thread. 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Every Time I Look in the Stash

I find something interesting such as a gear (still being made!) that works with my unpublished gear earring pattern. If I still can figure out a tatted "gear" substitute for the center (for those who don't or can't buy the gears) I may publish it - or not, I don't know. What do you think?

I found a lovely Jasper stone cabochon that I'd been hoarding for years, so I turned it into a wire wrapped pendant with a spray of tiny tatted "flowers".

Like many other crafters who enjoy the sparkle of crystal beads, I'm totally miffed that Swarovski will be abandoning the craft market so my attitude is "don't let the door hit you on the way out" (I'm being nice since this is a family friendly blog). I made these blue earrings using crystal beads from their competitor Preciosa and they sparkle just as beautifully, so there.

Not much time for dyeing this week so only one size in this test batch, which I called "Fizzy Bubbles" since I couldn't think what else to call it - and it sounds so happy!

Tricked myself into wire wrapping another spray of tatted "flowers" onto a "Champagne" colored frame by putting all the supplies into a kit that was easy to grab while watching television.

Looked into my design folder on the computer and found a completely forgotten, partially written pattern from 2014. Well, I've started tatting it and have begun thinking of ways to repurpose the object with improvements.

So, it looks like I've been busy but I haven't posted here for several weeks. Just filling the time.