Sunday, April 17, 2022

Tatted daffodils and handknit sweater

From daffodil patterns in Christel Weidmann’s book "Ostern"
I brought out and wore my tatted corsage on Easter morning, even though the weather here today felt like more of winter cold! More about this corsage in a post from 2019:

I'm happily wearing my tatted corsage.

The purple sweater that I began knitting in the fall of 2021 is finished! Here's some pictures of me wearing it.

This sweater pattern is "Spring Leaf" designed by Bronagh Miskelly, found in Knitting Magazine, April 2017

It has a curved bolero shape. The lace edging is knitted on.
The skirt I sewed from an old Simplicity pattern that I've made several skirts from. It's very simple with an elastic waist and has side seam pockets. I chose the fabric from Spoonflower and the designer is ruthjohanna.


Monday, April 4, 2022

Josephine rings and barely started time vortex


Josephine ring in progress, made of the same repeated half stitch.

A series of Josephine rings.

From my own "Petal Portal" pattern.
The Petal Portal pattern uses several unusual tatting techniques. It's tricky, but I really enjoy seeing the results, especially with using a multicolored or variegated thread for the little Josephine ring "petals" that seem to spill out of the pendant. I'm currently in "blue and yellow" mood but there are endless color possibilities!

The earrings from the "Petal Portal" pattern add the Daisy Picot technique.

I have started another pair since I really like them!

This is as far as I've got with my version of a "Time Vortex Manipulator". ☺
I like how the tatting fits around the lightbulb and the 2 layers. There will need to be a 3rd layer, which will form the actual bracelet. I'm still thinking about the design possibilities for that. The dark tatting in the photo should be able to turn freely, not joined to either the top or bottom. So, one can pretend to change time either backward or forward by turning the middle motif. 

The lightbulb will be activated by completing the circuit (of special conductive thread which will be sewn through the lace) with a snap closure and battery. So you can pretend to jump instantly to another period in time. Of course, that's the plan! The "change time" notion is only make-believe, but the lighting up part is intended to be real!