Thursday, November 12, 2020

More Wire and Tatting Pendants


Vintaj® natural brass colored ParaWire, with floral style tatting of my own hand dyed thread. 

A burst of creativity resulted in 5 new necklaces added to my Etsy shop. I've decided that non-tarnish coated wire is the best choice for combining my tatting with wire-wrapping. It comes in a variety of permanent colors (obviously I love colors!) and no worries about tarnishing. Even Argentium silver eventually does tarnish and of course the silver is more expensive, so I won't likely be using it anymore. 

Bronze colored wire with hand dyed thread and nylon micro-macramé

Micro-macramé, or even a simple braided cord makes a nice color-coordinating finish for these projects and the sliding knot enables the necklace to be adjustable to any length. I like that the nylon cord is shiny and smooth, and tail ends can be melted with a lighter. 

Recently I've learned to be very careful with the lighter, as I had to re-do one neck cord because I accidently burned the wrong part. Didn't set myself on fire, though! ^_^

Titanium colored non-tarnish coated wire with hand dyed, white thread, and seed pearls.

2 colors of wire and 2 colors of cord

Tiny beads added during the wire wrapping. On the large focal bead I used a filigree bead cap from a "goodies bag" acquired at a long ago Tollway Tatters meeting.