Saturday, December 7, 2019

A gift for you: Star Capella video and PDF pattern

Here's the link to my video demo:

The link to download the PDF pattern:

The story behind this! 

First of all, I do not tat as fast as the video! The speed has been increased with video technology. In reality, it takes me 2 hours to complete one Star Capella motif. The video lasts about 25 minutes. I increased the speed on much of it and edited out boring parts as well as "bloopers".

I got the idea for this design by playing around with one of my previous free patterns, "2 Way Star". That one is still available from the "My Free Patterns" tab of my blog.

I've been watching some of the longer videos in other crafts while doing my fitness exercises at home. If there's something I really want to try making, I'll refer to it on my tablet or smartphone while making the project, pausing to complete the next step and then continuing the video to see what to do next.

So, I thought I could make a complete project video myself, and include the PDF with detailed instructions. Free because I haven't done any giveaways in a long time. Enjoy!