Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New hand dyed thread "Spooky" and Maker Faire photos

Black, purple, green, yellow, and orange were suggested to me as "Halloween" colors. They do remind me a little of fruity candy with black licorice :)

I demonstrated tatting at the Maker Faire Milwaukee this past Sunday afternoon, and had many people stop by to watch and ask questions about what I was doing. Several children watched me make one ring tatted butterflies that they could take home. One woman even sat down for a half hour lesson! Hopefully she'll be coming to future meetings of the local tatting guild.
That's me demonstrating tatting at the Maker Faire!

A one ring butterfly in progress

There were lots of inventive contraptions at the Maker Faire

Where we'd be now, if the Wright brothers hadn't been successful :)

Sighting of a Dalek at the Faire! I wonder where Doctor Who was?

Monday, September 19, 2016

New book coming soon!

Yes, that's my name and my tatting on the cover! 

Amazon is taking pre-orders for the book here. November 1 is the date that the book will be available.

This is my new book which is being published by Annie's. All of the patterns are tatted jewelry with beads, with in-progress shuttle tatting photos, diagrams, and written instructions in English.

The patterns are:

  • Cool Circles necklace, bracelet, earrings, shown on the cover
  • Beaded Path necklace, bracelet, earrings (easy)
  • Beatrice necklace and earrings (pearl tatting)
  • Dazzling Debut necklace and earrings (curled rings)
All of the patterns use size 10 Lizbeth cotton. Beads used include 6mm and 4mm round beads, 6mm bicone Swarovski crystal beads, size 11/0 Toho Takumi large hole seed beads, and size 8/0 seed beads.

I hope you'll enjoy these patterns! I'm looking forward to holding the finished book in my hand!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pictures from Palmetto Tat Days

That's me with Sue Anna, Jane Eborall, and Tamie.

I was so excited to meet Yorkie Sue from London! 

Shoppers browsing tatting supplies in the vendor room.

LadyShuttleMaker's handmade tatting shuttles!

Nancy Tracy's Be-stitched store display in the vending room.

Sharon with Karey from Graceful Arts Fiber Studio 

Shuttle Brothers GR-8 shuttles

What a thrill to finally meet Sherry (LadyShuttleMaker) in person!

Sue Hanson showing her beautiful coat embellished with tatting.

Sherry and Sue so happy to see each other again!

The building where classes were held and lodging was provided, behind the tall pines.

Picturesque walk to the dining hall.

Lining up for the buffet.

The dining hall during the Friday night banquet.

Dessert, tatting gauge and program booklet. The theme this year was "Tatting is Out of This World!"

Entertainment at the banquet included an impromptu "bell choir"! 

Lovely view of Lake Louise

Karey and Arlene

Holly growing outside. A spectacular plant that seems like a miracle to this Wisconsin girl :)

Patti Duff, Sue Hanson, Sue Anna, and Karey

R2-D2 in front of a quilt covered in tatting

A lovely red blossomed plant that grows in the southern states. I don't know what it's called, only that it doesn't grow in Wisconsin.

Jane Eborall, the Queen of Tatting, waving to her loyal subjects from her throne!

Breathtaking scenery

Classic car seen at a roadside fruit stand along the way home.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Floating Ring and packed for Tat Days

The mini-tutorial above is one I prepared quickly for a student in my Craftsy class to show which shuttle to use to tat a floating ring (ring thrown off a chain), while keeping a smooth curve in the chain.

I've packed a good sampling of my hand dyed thread to bring to Palmetto Tat Days, which will be sold via the consignment service provided by the guild. What I'll be doing is taking classes! I'm looking forward to fresh inspirations and visiting with people, some of which I've only "met online" up till now.

I'll leave you with this picture of a Cosmos flower. This variety has petals that form little "tube" or "trumpet" shapes. I've wondered if a 3-D tatting pattern could be developed to mimic it!