Thursday, December 8, 2022

More Poinsettia, Jane's Peace Dove


New batch of hand dyed "Poinsettia" thread has been added to my Etsy shop. I found a photograph of a grouping of poinsettia flowers that comes close to the impression that I was trying for in the coloring of the thread.

There's been some progress on the "Gear" earrings pattern. After much experimentation, I finally succeeded in designing a gearless version! No picture yet (I'm keeping it a surprise). The pattern will probably be ready in a few weeks - January, or next year, however you look at it. 

The picture below shows the ornament I tatted from the dove pattern designed by Jane Eborall. Old picture, since I haven't decorated anything yet, but leaving it here in case I don't have anything to blog about until after the holiday season. Wishing you peace and joy!