Friday, October 26, 2007

Four week color forecast

Several people have expressed an interest in knowing what colors I am going to dye next -- I wonder, myself! But here is a plan that I am going to try to stick to for the next few weeks:

Coming this weekend - "Deep Ocean" blues, black, gray, white.

Next week - "Deep Reds"

Following week - "Deep Greens"

Week after - "Golden Glow" Golds, ochers, yellows. If possible I will try to do a repeat of "Tigereye" (with the browns added) at this time, or maybe the following week.

Hope this helps. I am so grateful to have found a "niche market" that enables me to make some money to help pay bills, while using a God-given talent. Tatters are wonderful patrons!


Tattycat said...

Your threads are phenomenal. It is, indeed, a God given talent. When I lived in England for two years and learned to spin, I did some dyeing of my own yarns. I hesitate to even call it that compared to what you do. I wish I could buy one of each that you do!

Sapna said...

I have never loved a thread as much as I cherish yours. Thank you so much for this, this way I can choose your threads... am waiting patiently :)

I wish I has lot of money then I would create a fund judt for your threads...

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you so much! I am so glad that you like my threads. I dye them to look like threads I wish I could have found in the days when all I had was white.

Anonymous said...

The Deep ocean thread is beautiful, I am waiting for the others so that I can buy them once for all.

I hope its available by then since your threads are selling like hot cakes! :)

Ridgewoman said...

I love your colors! And, if you do more Tiger Eye please contact me - Would love to tat with your colors.
I really like the necklace and the earrings that you do.
Enjoy your site so much!