Monday, March 17, 2008

My beaded shamrock (from last year)

For this pattern as pdf click here.

beg. beginning
bp bead picot
ch chain
cl close
cm centimeter
CTM continuous thread method
ds double stitch
j join mm millimeter
p picot
R ring sb seed bead
sh shuttle
/ separates stitches on each side of split ring, or sets of rickrack tatting
ZZ zigzag, or rickrack tatting of victorian set stitches (first half of ds repeated a number of times, followed by second half repeated a number of times, completing one set)

Size 20 crochet cotton
12 size 8 seed beads
1 size 8mm round bead
42 size 11 seed beads
2 tatting shuttles

String the 42 size 11 seed beads and 3 of the size 8 seed beads onto the crochet cotton. Wind 2 shuttles CTM with the 42 beads on sh 2 and the 3 larger seed beads on sh 1.

Note: All joins in this pattern are shuttle joins made with sh 1. The large picots must be able to hold 3 size 8 seed beads when closed.

Begin with an open end ch.
Ch 7. R using sh 2 of 10, large p (about 18mm open), 10, cl.
Ch 7. J large 8mm bead by slipping it onto the open end of chain, pull sh 1 through the open end and cl.
R with sh 2 of 10, large p , 10, cl. Ch 7. R with sh 2 of 10, large p, 10, cl. Ch 7. J to beginning.
Ch 9, j to base of r.
*Ch (3, bp) 7 times, ch 3. J to large p, placing 3 size 8 seed beads on the p before j.
Ch (3, bp) 7 times, ch 3. J to base of same r. Ch 9. Rep. from * for a total of 3 “leaves”. J to beg.
(Stem) ZZ ch 2 sets of 4/4. R 7, p, bp of 3 size 8 seed beads, p, 7, cl. ZZ ch 2 sets of 4/4. J to beg.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love shamrocks! I wonder if I have any beads lying around? Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Tatskool said...

Happy St Patrick's Day Marilee.

Lovely pattern.

Tattycat said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and thanks for sharing the beautiful shamrock pattern.

Marilee Rockley said...

This is the same pattern I submitted to the Tatting Calendar last year. I had posted the photos, but not the pattern on any of my own pages, so here it is! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Unknown said...

Hi Marilee! I just added the link to this blog post to my St Patrick's Day post that I did today. I shared a bunch of shamrock tatting patterns that are on the internet today. Carol Lewecki just sent me the link to your post so I added it! Beautiful work and thank you for sharing it. I think I remember seeing it last year, but I was still thinking about starting a blog so was still in the "lurking" phase and was probably too shy to comment, LOL! Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Bugsy said...

Hi Marilee, I'm new to tatting and wanted to tat your shamrock, but am confused as to how to start with an open end chain on a continuous thread method. Could you please explain? Thanks for your help.


Marilee Rockley said...

Bugsy, the way to start an open end chain in continuous thread method, is to put the thread over your left hand and wrap around your little finger (exactly as you would for any chain). Then, start tatting a chain, leaving a loop at the beginning.

I don't think I have any good pictures showing this on my blog, but Jane Eborall has superb technique instructions on her website

Scroll down her page until you see the techniques section, then click on "Making the Self Closing Mock Ring". An open end chain is really the same thing.