Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Keyed Up" earrings pattern

Obviously, this design could be varied endlessly by using different charms, findings, beads, thread colors, etc. It's quite simple. There are no split rings - but does require the use of 2 shuttles, and they are "switched". In other words, shuttle 1 trades places with shuttle 2 where indicated in the pattern, which is available as a pdf in my Etsy shop. BTW, there are many Etsy sellers who offer interesting charms and findings for sale. Of course, if you really want the same tiny keys I used, they are available at Bello Modo.

Even though this is so simple a pattern, it did take some experimentation time for me to figure out the stitch counts so that the tatting would take shape naturally without being forced. I think this finished design has major improvements over an earlier attempt.


Stephanie said...

Wow, do I love those earrings! Fantastic.

Unknown said...

They are lovely!

Claire said...

Thank you for this lovely pattern. I made it from your book "Tatted Jewelry" and really like it. I will probably make some more later on. Here is my related blog post: