Monday, March 15, 2010

Tatting class with a view

What a lovely spot for a tatting class, inside the Radisson Hotel Racine Harbourwalk. I had 5 beginners, and they all worked very hard on learning the "flip". I managed to cover the double stitch, picots, chains, rings, normal joins, and lock joins within the 3 hours allotted for the class. One thing I wish I had done, is to have several samples of the class project available in various stages of completion. I think that would have helped the students understand the construction better.

After that came a very delicious lunch! Then, some relaxing time spent in the open beading room with the other LBS retreat participants.

The wonderful organizers gave each of the instructors a gift bag stuffed full of goodies! Mine included the book Picot Lace by Sandy Forrington. It looks like a tatting book, but actually it is beads that are sewn together in formations to resemble tatting. Not beaded tatting - just beads arranged to look like tatting. I have never seen this book before, and am very happy to have it. For sure it will give me still more ideas to think about!


Fox said...

Sounds like a terrific day. Perfect locale.
Fox : )

Tatskool said...

Sounds great, I have never heard of the book either, very intriguing.You accomplished such a lot.

Paula C. said...

Looks beautiful there! What a fun day =)

tatting-marie said...

I love the center of your "Arches Doily" and think it would make beautiful earrings. Is that pattern one of your "free" patterns?
The view is beautiful as is all of Wisconsin. We made many trip into WI while living in Michigan. Thanks for your many tips on tatting and patterns.

IsDihara said...

Thanks for sharing photos and tales of your tatting day. I own a copy of Picot Lace; it is a lovely book.

In an earlier hobby life I attempted to make picot lace, but got frustrated when I couldn't get the stitches tight enough to be hidden. But it should be noted that I have practically NO experience working with beads. Enjoy your great new book!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful place for a tatting class! Thanks for the photo! It sounds like a lovely day! I have all 3 of Sandy Forrington's books, you may want to take a little closer look at the consruction of her tatting patterns. They are beautiful patterns, she just writes them out in the vintage style with a little bit of her own style in there so you just have to really familiarize yourself to her style of writing and instructions.
That is one awesome giftbag!
What lucky ladies that had the opportunity to learn from you!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, everyone - I wish you all could have been there, too! (I could have used the help, LOL) Wouldn't we have had a blast!

Tatting-marie, you are welcome to use the center of the Arches doily as an earring design. That sounds like a great idea! Yes, that is one of my free patterns - the link is on the right-hand side of my blog.

Isdihara, I agree that actual "beading" seems to require a tight tension. I've only done the beading project that was a free "hands-on" at one of the bead guild meetings, but I noticed that they use a special thread and pull very tight.

TattingChic, I didn't know that Sandy F. had other books too. This one looks like it's actual beading, though, not tatting.
You are right that the gift bag was awesome! Everyone in attendance received a gift bag, each one a little different. I think they got local businesses to donate some of the things.
I hope my students enjoyed themselves, in spite of the fact that I worked them very hard - LOL.