Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just being thick

Here's a size comparison chart that I did up quickly. For those who don't already know, crochet cottons are sized with the smallest numbers being the thickest threads. The pinkish yarn at the side is a worsted weight knitting yarn. It's there to help give another size reference as to how fine these threads are.

"Fine" is relative - I bet you've heard people make remarks about how they could never work with such "fine" thread, even when it's "thick" size 10! Personally, I hardly ever tat with tiny size 80, but I know that for some people it's their favorite.

By the way, sizes can vary from different thread manufacturers. A few months back I switched from hand dyeing size 10 DMC Cordonnet Special to size 10 Lizbeth. The size 10 Lizbeth is noticeably thicker, even thicker than the DMC Cebelia which is shown in the photo. But, the size 20 seemed the same to me in both brands. Currently in my dye batches I'm using sizes 10, 20, and 40 Lizbeth, and sizes 30, 50, and 80 DMC Cordonnet Special.


Fox said...

Interesting comparisons. I have noticed, now that you mention it, how very thick the Lizbeth #10 is. The chart certainly substantiates the observation!
Fox : )

Typstatting said...

I agree the Lizbeth#10 is thicker not sure if I prefer to use that size. I think the #20 is much nicer to work with.

IsDihara said...

Thank you for presenting these thread size comparisons (especially using threads from different manufacturers). Very helpful!

I have observed that size 40 Lizbeth and size 40 Olympus do NOT tat up the same. Yet, Lizbeth size 20 isn't quite right either. There is no Lizbeth size 30 to with which to compare. (not a complaint)

Assuming all comparisons are made with 6-cord threads, would size 50 DMC Cordonnet Special be similar to size 50 Hakelgarn, for example?

(Comparisons should not be made between 6-cord and 3-cord threads, IMHO.)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks for the comments on thread sizes!

Isdihara, I don't have any experience with Hakelgarn size 50, maybe someone else can answer your question on that. I have used the size 40 Olympus, though, and I agree that it is more like somewhere between a 20 and 30 of most brands.

When I got started hand dyeing threads, I knew that I wanted to dye 6 cord threads, so I went with DMC Cordonnet Special because I was familiar with it (and had soooo wished for it to be in colors for ages and ages!) Also, it came in the widest variety of sizes. Back in the day, it even came in sizes 5, 3, and 1 - but those are no longer made...sigh.

Oznur Y. said...

I just started to tatting. That's why I have no idea about the thread sizes. You really helped me. Thank you!

Carolivy said...

Great comparisons! That 10 Lizbeth almost looks like an 8 compared to the other 10. I used to work exclusively with size 10 when I crochet, now that I quit that and only tat, to me the 10 is too I'm loving the 30 and 40!

Determined2bDetermined said...

Are vintage patterns using the same sizing found in modern threads? My pattern is calling for size 50 crochet thread how does this compare to size 10 that i got at the store?

Marilee Rockley said...

Basically the crochet cotton thread sizing system is the same as in years past, but there are variations between different manufacturers. You can use any size thread to tat any tatting pattern; the lace will simply turn out larger or smaller. However, the exception is in the case of a design with beads, the size of the tatting needs to stay in proportion to the size of the beads.