Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finishing up

What I'm showing in the photo above is a finishing extra that I usually add when doing the Magic Thread Trick. (By the way, Sharon has a good video demo for the magic thread trick on her website.)

The magic thread (fine white thread in the photo) has been tatted into the final ring. Then, I put the end to be pulled into the work into an embroidery needle. The thread end needs to be frayed out in order to get it to fit into the needle. (I'm using size 10 Lizbeth thread in the photo). Oh, and there are extra ends sticking out in another ring too, from where I ran out of thread...but that's another story :-)

So anyway, I sew the end into the work below the final ring, before putting the end into the Magic Thread.
 The end will pull in easier if the frayed end is cut off first.
 After pulling the end in, before pulling it through all the way, I stop to tug on the side that closes the ring up tightly first. I also tug on the the other end that I tatted over in the first part of the ring.
Then, I finish pulling the end in all the way, tightly. I wait to cut off the thread ends sticking out until the project is finished (which is why I have more thread ends sticking out from where I ran out of thread earlier).

These are just some things I normally do, that might be new and possibly useful ideas for some folks. So, I decided to take photos while I was doing this part on my necklace (Duchess from Boutique Tatting).

But, I won't have the necklace done in time to wear to the Lighthouse Lacers guild meeting :(
Also, I don't have the Trendy Teardrop pattern finished yet :(

But, it will all get done eventually, one step at a isn't a race :-)


Margarets designer cards said...

Thank you for showing how to do it with such lovely pictures.

Ania said...

Your jewelery and hand dyed threads are beautiful. Thank you that you share how to do all that things. I like your works very much. That is why I would like to honor you. I invite you on my blog where you may find the award.