Some examples of my original designs, tatted by me.
Heart Aglow

Tatting + wire wrapped pendant

Tatting + wire earrings, based on my "Nouveau" pattern.

Cloudburst pendant from Marilee's Beaded Tatting Finery

Fairest bracelet

Nouveau necklace

Boomerang earrings

Rose Within necklace

Carnival Earrings

Atom from Up and Tat 'Em

Toccata necklace

Newcastle Necklace from Tatted Jewelry

Bracelet from Craftsy Shuttle Tatting Course

Maple Leaf earrings

One Shuttle earrings from Tatted Jewelry

Ginkgo Leaf set

Belle pendant from Tatted Jewelry

Wondrous Window pendants from Up and Tat 'Em

Polymer clay with tatting

Closures from Up and Tat 'Em

Bedazzled Butterfly from Boutique Tatting

Unfolding Heart

Trendy Teardrop from Tatted Jewelry

Compass from Tatted Jewelry