Monday, November 14, 2011

Clean up, and on to the next show

 It was inspiring and fun to participate at the "Jewelry at the Domes" show, and the next art show that I'm in is already just 3 weeks away! The postcard above gives the details for that one, the Holiday Artisan Market at Discovery World.

Middle photo at left is of some unfinished pieces that I made while demonstrating. I also made a number of "one ring butterflies" to give away free to people who showed interest, but sometimes I got so excited talking to people that I forgot to give them one. 2 people in the Loose Bead Society now want to learn how to tat, and another woman said she would email me. I also have another new student already scheduled for a lesson on November 30.

I did have sales! Maybe I missed a few by not being able to process a credit card. I do have the "Square" app on my iPod touch, but there was no wi-fi in the building, so I couldn't use it. No, I can't afford a "smart phone" on my income as an artist.

I had to restrain myself from spending all my profits at the Domes show! I only made one purchase, and it's shown in the bottom photo. Aren't they beautiful? The lovely young woman who made these is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. Notice the tag says, "Jewelry by Jaws" and yes, that is how they are made. You will find out why at her website, Take a look.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Congratulations on another successful show! I'm amazed you can tat things while demonstrating and taking care of sales. I can never tat anything of importance at our events! Just can't concentrate!

Surely many had to be impressed with your BOOK!!

I admire your energy! I'm trying to get myself geared up for our two upcoming events in December! I'm in denial that it's November already!

Gina said...

Great gig! Glad you have another great one coming up too!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, Kathy and Gina. Taking care of sales is not an issue, since they don't come that close together, LOL.

Mostly I just tatted demo stuff that I didn't keep, just to show people the basics. A lot of people did seem interested in how "the knot is tied". It seemed that more folks had never heard of tatting, than those who remembered someone they knew doing it.

I'm a shy, quiet person until somebody asks about tatting :) Kathy, I'm sure you'll have fun at your events!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Hi again! My 'demo' tatting consists of a long chain of knots done in thick cotton yarn (Tatsy shuttle), with a few rings in a different color. It truly looks like something 'tattered' and always gets tossed away!

I also wanted you to know I checked on Jewelry by Jaws, and have to admit I am humbly speechless. I'm still trying to 'process' her situation, which is beyond my comprehension. It's comforting to know she is surrounded by a loving family. I will think of her when I start to complain about ANYTHING. Thanks for bringing her amazing work and incredible courage to our attention.