Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ripple necklace row 1

Row 1 of "Ripple" necklace (simple version)

Row 1 of the Ripple" necklace (simple version, without beads):

R 6-2. RW.
Ch 7-3. RW.

*R 2-4-2. RW.
Ch 3+5-5-3 (j to last p of prev Ch). RW.
Repeat from * 12 times.

R 2-4-2. RW.
Ch 3+7 (j to last p of prev Ch). RW.
Last R 2-6.

That completes row 1, which is floppy until Row 2 is added. Row 2 adds the color and structure, and I'll put up the directions for that in another post.

News flash - I'll be teaching tatting at Discovery World in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on two Saturdays, April 21 and 28, from 9am till noon. Fee for the class is $20. Pre-registration is required; Call the Discovery World gift shop at 414-765-8770 to sign up for the tatting class. Class size is limited.

So, I'm busy getting ready to teach that class and possibly another one. Also, working on more teaching ideas, including the vintage-inspired edging in the bottom photo, which I'm thinking of turning into a bracelet.
Finished "Ripple" necklace (beaded version)
Bracelet idea in progress


Crissi said...

It's very nice!

Sunela said...

Love the purple edging.

Mónica said...

Lindo el color y diseño del "bracelet in progress"...

Les petits bonheurs said...

So nice ! I can't wait to begin it ! Thank you very much for sharing this design !

Diane said...

I love the purple design. Can't wait to see what you do with it.