Monday, April 8, 2013

The 3rd meeting of Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild

Since I was running a little late, I got to the Mayfair Mall food court just a few minutes past the starting of the meeting time-frame, and found several people looking for the Tatting Guild were already there! Several were new beginners, so I immediately passed out "goodie bags" with shuttle and thread and got them started. Fortunately there were experienced tatters there also, who kindly helped the newbies with learning the double stitch.

Gail traveled the farthest, from Madison (about an hour's drive away), and showed off her tatting projects and some of her pattern book collection, seen in the photos below. She has been taking my Craftsy class for awhile, and had many nice things to say about it.

It was great fun learning, sharing, and making new friends. It seems that this guild does fill a need, and I hope it continues to grow. We meet the 2nd Monday of the month, so next meeting will be May 13.
Some of Gail's tatting

A collection of tatting books


Unknown said...

Thanks, Marilee, for facilitatibg this. It is nice of you to share your talents so generously. Creating this guild helps preserve a wonderful artform while giving to the community at large and rnhancing the lives of others. Again, thanks!

Michelle said...

Looks fun! Maybe this summer Happy Bluebird and I could come to one of your meetings. It would be more than an hour trip though!

God's Kid said...

Looks like fun and beautiful tatting!!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, Gail, I appreciate the encouragement. It sure was great meeting you and seeing your beautiful tatting!

Michelle, it would be awesome if you and Happy Bluebird could come! If it's a very long distance for you, why not make Milwaukee a vacation destination, there are a lot of sights to see here, such as the Discovery World Museum, the Art Museum, the "Domes", the Milwaukee County Zoo, Boerner Botanical Gardens, and so forth.

Same goes for you, God's Kid! Hope to see you at the Tollway Tatters, though.

DawnTea said...

Are you still meeting? It would definitely be a "vacation" for me, but I'd be willing to give a try. I like Madison!

Marilee Rockley said...

@DawnTea, yes we meet every month but in Milwaukee, not Madison. 2nd Monday of the month at Mayfair Mall food court, 2500 N Mayfair Rd, Milwaukee, time-frame from 3pm to 7pm, come whenever you can within that time-frame. We have a meeting on July 8, 2013.