Thursday, August 6, 2015

My 2nd Craftsy class coming soon! A chance to win a FREE class!

That's me on the Craftsy set with a project in progress.
What all the "spoiler" teases were about earlier this year :)
My 2nd tatting class on Craftsy, "Next Steps In Shuttle Tatting" will launch on August 17th. Click here for a chance to win a FREE class:

My dressing room.
They gave me
star treatment!
Some of you may be wondering how a Craftsy class is made. Well, first you need to have developed a high level of skill and unique, original ideas for a craft that you really enjoy, and would like to help others learn the techniques. Then, submit your idea for a class to Craftsy. If your class proposal is accepted, the Craftsy team works with you via email and phone calls to guide you in preparing to teach your class.

The video filming takes place at the Craftsy Studios in Denver, Colorado, by a crew of professionals. All the takes for the video have to be completed in 3 days or less, so there is a lot of work and preparation that needs to be done prior to the trip. I had to prepare each of my 7 projects for the class to various stages of completion, so that all the lessons would be ready to go without waiting. I also designed and wrote the patterns for each of the projects. The patterns are all original and entirely new, not available anywhere else, and are included with the class.

For this class there were 3 cameras, one facing me, one to my left, and one directly above. They had 2 microphones on me, so even though my voice is rather quiet, there should be no difficulty hearing me on the video.

The projects for this new class are not beginner projects, but if you feel comfortable shuttle tatting double stitches, rings, and chains, you'll enjoy this class! I'll talk more about the projects and techniques in another post.
The Craftsy studios are a wonderfully creative place! This is part of their lunch area.

View from the hotel which was very, very nice. This is the Denver Performing Arts Center, just down the street.


Sandy said...

I'm so excited! I thoroughly enjoyed your first class! I signed up to win the free class, but if I don't, I'll by buying it!

Madtatter80 said...

How cool Marliee this is great what fun!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

How exciting! I've signed up, but if I'm not a winner, I will be purchasing it. I LOVE your class!

Jenn said...

How exciting! I look forward to hearing more about this new Craftsy class :).

muskaan said...

Very interesting & informative post ... a peek behind the scenes :-)
And very inspiring & beautiful 3 shuttle freeform tatting in progress !!!

Jane McLellan said...

I agree with muskaan, it's interesting to hear what goes on before a class is presented. It's a lot of work, I take my hat off to you!

Bernice said...

Confession: I am still not finished your first class, to be honest I got so far and stopped. Yesterday I picked up right where I left off. Now I must get through the lessons so that when I WIN (fingers crossed) the advanced class I can continue on with my classes, if not I will purchase of course.
Thanks Marilee your the best.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, everyone.
Bernice, it's not necessary to finish the first class to be ready for this new class. The projects in "Next Steps in Shuttle Tatting" are not for beginners, but if you're already comfortable with tatting the double stitch, rings and chains, you're good to go!

ChristineAtAlchemyStitchery said...

Yay! I was hoping that you would do a second Craftsy class on tatting!
I am enjoying working my way slowly through the first class.

il mio chiacchierino said...

I'm from Italy. How do you join the class? I have already published two books of tatting hello hug

Marilee Rockley said...

il mio chiacchierino, if you click on the link in my blog post, information about signing up for a Craftsy account should be there, but if not, just go to the website and they will ask you to sign up for an account. The Craftsy account is free, you only need to pay for classes or patterns that you buy. I have a pattern shop there, too. You could also sell your own patterns on the Craftsy site! The patterns need to be digital PDF, and original by you. Craftsy does not charge any fees for selling patterns.

My new class will not be on the site until August 17, but you can see the preview of my first tatting class here:

Unknown said...

Oh I am super excited! I loved your first class and refer to it often as I am practice tatting!