Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Eclectic mix

In this pair of tatted earrings, I added some wire wrapped dangles as well as forming the earwires myself. Skills I learned in Craftsy classes, such as Aga Kruk's beginner class and Lisa Niven Kelly's class. These are affiliate links, so I hope you'll check them out :)

The basic tatting pattern that I started with for this pair is my own "Giddy" pattern, found in my "Tatted Jewelry" book. Photo below of the pink earrings shows results tatted exactly according to the pattern. So, the blue-green ones are a fancified variation. It seems that I just can't stop myself from mixing things up :)

Hand dyed thread "Sugar Maple" is now in my Etsy shop! Next batch to come soon will be "Parakeet", which is what I used in the bluegreen earrings.


God's Kid said...

I think the green are awesome!!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

love your items and I do believe that the parakeet is a favorite color, you have a great talent there!

Bernice said...

Oh yes, that green makes a lovely fall colored earring.

Jane McLellan said...

Good idea to combine your new skills with tatting - great result!

muskaan said...

Very pretty - love the way you coiled the danglers !

I'm impatiently, eagerly waiting for this very book - bought it a couple of weeks back & should be delivered any day now . I don't have any of your Gorgeous threads & colourways, so will have to be satisfied with my solid colours