Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If a tree falls and there's no one there...

..it does make a sound, but no one gets hurt!
This photo was taken on October 15 (a blustery day) just a few minutes after one of the boys looked outside and said, "Hey, did you see, there's a tree blown down in our yard." So then we all rushed out to see!

Luckily the tree fell in the one direction where it would cause the least damage, missing our garage and also missing any of the houses nearby. We lost telephone and Internet service for only a day, and the neighbors who owned the tree had it removed very quickly. So, we're all okay.

In the meantime, I had taken up the challenge suggested by this picture from Design-Seeds someone posted on Facebook:
 and interpreting it in hand dyed thread:
What I came up with, I call "Lilac Sea".

Another project that I played around with turned out to be a new original design:
I used "Adventurer" size 10 and Lizbeth Linen Medium #693. I added gears at the top edges to give a hint of steampunk styling, and incorporated size 11/0 Toho large hole seed beads, size 8/0 seed beads, 4 mm round beads, and an 8 mm brass saucer bead in the center. I like the way the hand dyed with the sold gives it sort of a patina. I've started another one in a different color, but need a different saucer bead. Off to the bead store!


Claire said...

ThatLilac Sea color way is just the best ever! All my favorite colors together. <3

God's Kid said...

So glad you are all safe!! :)
Love, love, love that new color(of course, purchasing some right away proved that!!)!!! :)
Great necklace!! :)

StringyDogs said...

I'm glad nothing seems damaged. Trees are so much heavier than we imagine!

When you are dying your threads, do you use aluminum algonate? I have tried a little dying and everything seems to run. It looks like thickening may be the way to go.

Marilee Rockley said...

When I prepare my Procion MX dyes, I do use a little bit of thickener. The one I use from Pro Chemical & Dye is simply called "Print Paste" but it's probably the same thing. Also I wring out my skeins from the Soda Ash solution the best I can before applying the dye.

muskaan said...

That was Close !!! So glad everything was fine soon.

Beautiful colourway --- very fresh & refreshing ! Just in time for Snowflake season ...
Looking forward to the necklace in other colours too :-)

Stitchety Grub said...

Fab colours :)

Margarets designer cards said...

So glad you are all ok and it did not cause too many problems.
Beautiful thread, love the colours yes I think you meet the challenge perfectly
Lovely necklace, great pattern, look forward to seeing it in a different colour

Jane McLellan said...

A shame that the tree fell, but I'm glad it did minimum damage. Wonderful thread colour. Looks like an interesting design you're working on.

picotsnkeys said...

Close call! When I was very, very young, the town I lived in had a monster storm on Columbus Day. Everyone used to reminisce about as I grew up. I was so young I don't remember a thing. My brothers remember having to cook in the trailer with the propane tank.
Glad no one was hurt and minimal damage

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lilac Sea is gorgeous! I'm glad no one was hurt and that the damage was minimal. Hope to see you soon!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Exceptional and unique pieces, as usual! Your attention to details and your new talent with wire-wrapping add that special touch! Everything is done to perfection!

That's an amazing story and photo of the tree! Several years ago a sassafras tree (at least 30 years old, which came with our property in our side yard next to the driveway) just decided one summer day to fall over onto that driveway, which fortunately had no cars - or persons or animals - in it at the time. I only heard a cracking and whooshing sound and was shocked when I looked out the window! No wind, beautiful sunny day! Before we even thought about which tree service to call, our neighbor came up and volunteered to chop it up with his new chainsaw! He seemed to enjoy the whole experience, and we counted our blessings!