Saturday, January 30, 2016

Celtic fun with "Pansy" and "Celery" hand dyed thread, classes coming up

New batch of "Pansy" hand dyed thread just added to my Etsy shop! The colors are inspired by wild pansy flowers or "Johnny Jump-ups" as they're sometimes called.

The earrings in top photo were formed from Lizbeth golden yellow size 10 combined with "Pansy" size 20 used on a Celtic shuttle.

The green trefoil earrings were tatted from "Celery" hand dyed thread size 20. I used the Celtic interlocking rings technique which I teach in my "Next Steps in Shuttle Tatting" class. By the way, 50% discount on that class with my affiliate link:

The earwires I also made myself! Hypoallergenic niobium is what I like to use for those, since it's very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.

I'm on the teaching schedule for Finger Lakes Tatting Conference in April, For more info CLICK HERE.
Project taught at my Finger Lakes classes
Midwest Beads store in Brookfield, WI

Milwaukee area, I'm teaching a beginning tatting class at Midwest Beads on February 13. That class is already full, but if you're in the area contact the Midwest Beads store to be added to waiting list.

As always, free, informal tatting get-togethers the 2nd Monday of the month at The Greater Milwaukee Tatting Guild. See more on the guild blog.


God's Kid said...

Both sets of earrings look fabulous!!! :)
And that flower is gorgeous!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Wow you got such a lovely post, and you are so talented, and you make such wonderful threads too. I need to go shopping again. I had so much fun with the color I bought, and just have a bit left :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks! I'm glad to hear it!

Jane McLellan said...

Such wonderful colours and projects! I especially like the flower.

StringyDogs said...

You do such beautiful tatting. I have to ask, did you make the ear wires? They are also very interesting!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you so much!
@StringyDogs, yes I did make the ear wires. I'm pleased to hear that they were noticed! The Craftsy classes showing wirework are what got me interested in learning it; here's my affiliate discount link to Lisa's "Make Your Own Wirework Findings" class preview:

Margarets designer cards said...

Wonderful earrings, love the pattern, And the flower totally gorgeous,
I am sorry I would love to come to your classes just to watch you unfortunately there's this big pond between us, perhaps one day
Hope they go well and you have good attendance

Koraliki Beaty said...


Unknown said...

Beautiful earrings. Thank you for putting a smile in my face. When I saw the thread the colors instantly reminded me of all the Johnny Jump Ups my Grandmother had in her yard which we both loved and it was her that introduced me to the wonderful world of Tatting and cooking. For which I will be ever thankful. Thank you for the memory reminder it has made my day.