Friday, July 15, 2016

Off to Indianapolis for International Organization of Lace Convention

Since I'm going to be in Indianapolis all next week, only digital patterns are in my Etsy shop. That's because I won't be home to ship anything.

I am teaching 3 classes at the International Organization of Lace Convention. You can see more about the convention on the I.O.L.I. website.

I'm going with Sue Anna, and she's doing the driving, bless her!

Behind the scenes: I am frantically trying to finish another "Cool Circles" necklace to show my class. I had to send the original to Annie's publishing because it's going to be in a book. And, wouldn't you know, I discovered that I had miscounted the seed beads in part of it. I hope the corrections will get into the book before it's printed! I'll have to hand write the corrections on the pattern sheets that I'm giving to the class at I.O.L.I.

I don't have a hat for Hat Day but I will wear a grouping of my tatted flower hair clips as a fascinator. Gotta go finish that necklace!