Monday, August 1, 2016

What Lola wants...

...Lola gets :) She ages gracefully, too! I haven't dyed this colorway for a very long time, and when I looked at the original recipe I decided it could be improved. I'm pleased with the results!

My plan is to dye several batches of sizes 10 and 20 only for a week or so to balance the stock in my Etsy shop. Don't worry, all the sizes that I have been doing will be included in future batches, For now I'm doing some catch up work.

Bobbin Lace pendant with faceted bezel link in center.

Bobbin lace pendant in progress.
 After several learning experiments I finally finished a bobbin lace project that I'm pleased with! The pattern is the Naely pendant from page 23 in the book, Bijoux En Dentelle by Colette Varet. I added my own touch to the center with wire and a faceted bezel link.

The cord used is 1 mm thick waxed cotton. To me it appears to be about the same thickness as Lizbeth size 3. The waxing gives a nice stiffness, so maybe pulling some hand dyed through a block of beeswax might be something worth trying.
The waxed cotton cord that I used for the pendant came from this package.

Bijoux En Dentelle by Colette Varet has bobbin lace jewelry patterns for thread and for wire.


Madtatter80 said...

I saw this beautiful new color on Instagram and love it too, I think is is smart to make some of your variegated colors that don't include green, because when tatting I don't always want green on the shuttle that is making the petals.
Love the pendent and bobbin lace thread I bet it is better for some jewelry making too! Have a great day from Carollyn!

God's Kid said...

Love the colorway!!! :)
Awesome pendant!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Beatiful colourway.
Loveky pendant, I love the colour.

JB said...

Love the thread. Striking new pendant.

Jane McLellan said...

Love your bobbin lace pendant. I'm interested to see bobbin lace in a thicker thread. A friend of mine is learning bobbin lace, using very fine thread. We were discussing a few days ago whether bobbin lace necessarily requires fine thread. Clearly not!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Love the bobbin lace pendent and the updated colorway!

muskaan said...

Gorgeous pendant & colourway !!!