Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pictures from Palmetto Tat Days

That's me with Sue Anna, Jane Eborall, and Tamie.

I was so excited to meet Yorkie Sue from London! 

Shoppers browsing tatting supplies in the vendor room.

LadyShuttleMaker's handmade tatting shuttles!

Nancy Tracy's Be-stitched store display in the vending room.

Sharon with Karey from Graceful Arts Fiber Studio 

Shuttle Brothers GR-8 shuttles

What a thrill to finally meet Sherry (LadyShuttleMaker) in person!

Sue Hanson showing her beautiful coat embellished with tatting.

Sherry and Sue so happy to see each other again!

The building where classes were held and lodging was provided, behind the tall pines.

Picturesque walk to the dining hall.

Lining up for the buffet.

The dining hall during the Friday night banquet.

Dessert, tatting gauge and program booklet. The theme this year was "Tatting is Out of This World!"

Entertainment at the banquet included an impromptu "bell choir"! 

Lovely view of Lake Louise

Karey and Arlene

Holly growing outside. A spectacular plant that seems like a miracle to this Wisconsin girl :)

Patti Duff, Sue Hanson, Sue Anna, and Karey

R2-D2 in front of a quilt covered in tatting

A lovely red blossomed plant that grows in the southern states. I don't know what it's called, only that it doesn't grow in Wisconsin.

Jane Eborall, the Queen of Tatting, waving to her loyal subjects from her throne!

Breathtaking scenery

Classic car seen at a roadside fruit stand along the way home.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

It was a wonderful weekend, and you took some terrific pictures! I hope we get to go again!

God's Kid said...

Wow!! Looks like a totally awesome time!!! :) Thanks for showing your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had an incredible time. Thanks for inspiring us .

Bernice said...

Great photographs and a Lake Louise too. Sounds like it was well worth the drive. What a wonderful trip and to be able to meet all of those tatters in one spot. I do hope you go again and share your talents with the attendees.

Joan in coastal MS said...

The picture of the 'red tree' is a crepe myrtle. My first experience with them was a trip to Alabama in 1969. I now live in crepe myrtle territory and have them in my yard. While I love them, hubby not so much as his mother used them as a 'discipline' tree. Joan in coastal MS who wishes she had been at tat days

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Thanks so much for these wonderful photos! I love the one of Jane, sitting on her well-deserved 'throne'! (She has the 'wave' down pat!) And the photos of Sherry Pence. Good to see Yorkie Sue, also. I believe she actually knew Mary Konior.

It seems to be a coincidence that the Tat Days weekend occurred during the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek (Sept. 8, 1966), which fits right it with the theme of 'Tatting is Out of this World', with a tatted rocket ship 'orbiting'. I find that amazing!

So glad you had a great time!

tattrldy said...

Thanks for sharing you pictures. I usually take lots and lots but I was so busy doing things and meeting people - including you! - that I took very few. It was great meeting you and taking a class with you. It could be interesting getting that rocket ship done on my own!

MimiD said...

Thanks for sharing your photos, Marilee! You did a great job summarizing the event. I was very happy to get to meet you.

Jane McLellan said...

Great pictures, thanks for showing us what we missed!

JB said...

I was glad I got to see you again. It was a wonderful weekend. I'm looking forward to your new book.

YorkieSue said...

The photos are great even the ones of me! Adore the one of me and Sherry, so precious to hug again after all these years. Even got hugs from Miss P, who kept me entertained all weekend, bless her.

Thanks soo much Marilee & it was grand to meet you too :-)

Yes Kathy Niklewicz, Mary Konior was my friend and sad to say I read the Eulogy at her funeral :-(