Saturday, December 17, 2016

New batch of "Snowflake" hand dyed thread

Just added to my Etsy shop, this colorway has pale blues with some light purples and pinks to give a frozen winter effect.

Here's a photo of the dyeing process in progress, so you can see that each skein of hand dyed will be unique, with subtle color variations:
The colors always look much darker when the dye is wet. After the thread is painted with the dye, I wrap it in plastic to let it cure. After it's cured (set), then I wash the skeins with a special detergent called Sorbitol to wash out any excess dye and rinse thoroughly, then lay them out to air dry.

I've no finished tatting to show today, but I hope you've enjoyed seeing this little peek at hand dyed thread being made!


muskaan said...

Wonderful ! Thanks for the peek :-) Truly a labour of love, hand dyeing each skein !!!

Michelle said...

Wow, the color difference is really something! So glad you dye thehread! It's such a treat to use!

Fox said...


Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful! I wonder if I could get Sorbitol. I have cold dye but hesitate to use it because it needs more rinsing than my hot water dyes. Thanks for the tip!

Madtatter80 said...

Fun to see you at work and love this new color too💟🎄💟