Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tatted Dalek Went to the Maker Faire

That's me with my tiny tatted Dalek meeting a big Dalek at the Maker Faire Milwaukee.
We're all beaming with excitement!

Close-up of the tatted lace Dalek. (A Dalek is a character from the television series Doctor Who.)
Yes, this one is my original tatting design. No pattern......just...no. Exterminate! ☺☺☺
Seriously, I used the techniques of a bead inside a ring and block tatting. I made the gun and sucker arm from wire and a saucer bead. The lights, eye stalk, and globes are beads.
Here I am with my tatting display at Maker Faire Milwaukee.
Many people stopped to ask questions and watch me demonstrate shuttle tatting.
I gave single ring tatted butterflies away to the children.
A collection of big Daleks and the Tardis (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) as seen in the TV series "Doctor Who".
This particular Tardis was not bigger on the inside, but fortunately these Daleks were friendly!
There were many astounding science exhibits. I was able to leave my tatting booth long enough to see this Tesla coil in action.
I don't know the story behind these jelly fish lights, but they were impressive with their size, changing colors and twinkling!
 A Maker Faire is a great event to see amazing creativity in action for both kids and adults. If one takes place in your area, I highly recommend that you go see it! Even better, sign up as a Maker and demonstrate what you make!


Madtatter80 said...

Wow impressive displays I am going to have to start watching Dr Who too many people love it and ask me and tell me about it.😃 your tatting and wire work it super as always😍❤😍

God's Kid said...

Wow, it all looks so interesting, but I think the best pictures are your items!!! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That looks like so much fun! I love those jelly fish lights. I binge watched Dr. Who several years ago, but I haven't watched recently. I'm afraid I'll have to start over!

Shanda said...

Awesome, next you need TARDIS !

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the little Dalek!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, everyone!
Shanda, the amazingly talented Anne Bruvold designed a Tardis Bookmark and our wonderful "One Mad Tatter" did a variation here: TardisBookmark

Margarets designer cards said...

You took me back to when Doctor who first came out with the Daleks that was back in the 60s.
Great piece of tatting. Loved it