Tuesday, November 6, 2018


 Longest line I ever saw in the local polling place today. I'm mildly surprised and hopeful for the future.

This pair of tatted earrings is from my Carnival pattern in hand dyed thread "Hydrangea Dark". There isn't any of that thread in my Etsy shop currently, but I just may put that colorway on the next hand dyeing "to do" list.

 Since I tend to tat very tightly, most of my tatted earrings are stiff enough without adding any stiffener. However, if needed, I paint some on the back of the tatting using a brush.

This pair is made from "Berry Sundae" hand dyed thread. My own pattern (Grand Aura), but I noticed that my tatting is at a tighter tension than 8 years ago when I designed it. So, I had to add 2 more double stitches around the center bead to get it to fit. That worked!


God's Kid said...

Very beautiful earrings!!! :)

Michelle said...

Well done voting! The hydrangea colorway is stunning! Isn’t it interesting how our tatting changes?

Jane McLellan said...

Goes to show, a pattern may be affected by the tatter’s tension. I’d say that patterns need a tension indicator like knitting patterns, except that most knitters ignore the tension guidelines in any case! I love the earrings, especially the bottom pair.

Margarets designer cards said...

Gorgeous earrings, love the colours