Saturday, January 16, 2021

Tatting is on TikTok

There are several tatters already posting on the smartphone app "TikTok" and I've been on it about 5 weeks now. What it's all about is short videos, 60 seconds or less. The format is vertical, which is a bit of a challenge since tatting movements are mostly horizontal, but it works. The 27 seconds video I posted on January 15 went "viral" - by tatting standards, anyway. ♥☺ At the time of this writing it has received over 11 thousand views, 2400 likes, and over 200 comments. 

The comments are of the same kind we've all heard before: "So beautiful", "My grandmother tatted", "How long does that take?", "I thought that was crochet", "What magic is this?" "That's a lost art", etc. Also much interest in learning how to tat. So, a new audience eager to learn tatting.

The project I demonstrated in the video is my remake of a vintage pattern 
found in the book "The Tatter's Treasure Chest".

I found the original pattern rather hard to decipher, so I tatted a practice piece first, to see how it all fit together. Following that, I decided where to adjust the stitch count, where I wanted to place beads and eliminated some decorative picots that might get messy by wearing as a necklace. I had some trouble with the large bead inside a tatted ring, so that got turned that into an "opening a closed ring" demo.

Such fun!


God's Kid said...

That is awesome!! :)
Your necklace is wonderful!!! :) I would love it as a collar if it would wrap from side to side or all the way around. ;)
Beautiful colors too!! :)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you. Actually, after I'd been tatting this pattern awhile, I realized that it's probably the same pattern that inspired TotusMel to design some of her lovely collar necklaces. The original is really longer than what I made, and so could be made long enough to go all the way around - but, of course, more work that way! ^◡^ ♥

Margarets designer cards said...

Beautiful necklace, well done on your little videos, you certainly took certainly got some comments even if they are the usual ones.

muskaan said...

Videos are the way to go, and congratulations on your huge success! TikTok has been banned here for several months now due to Indo-China standoff. Your necklace is beautiful and the colours gel so well together 💕

Shanda said...

Will check it out, love the necklace!

Jane McLellan said...

How wonderful to reach a new audience through a new medium. Love the colours of your necklace.

Marilee Rockley said...

The fast pace, special effects, and time limitation of the TikTok videos has been a learning experience. I will use some of the tricks I've discovered from that platform in my future YouTube videos which will always be slower paced with detailed sharing of "how to".

Bernice said...

I think that is great but I'm not on Tickety Tock yet. I do like your "slower" videos.