Wednesday, June 27, 2007


For PDF file of this pattern, CLICK HERE.

2 tatting shuttles
Size 20 crochet cotton
12 seed beads size 10 or 11 for stringing
11 seed beads size 8 for bead joins (2 of these a contrasting color if desired)
1 drop bead

String 6 sb, 1 drop bead, 6 sb onto the thread. These are wound onto sh 2. No beads on sh 1.Lr 6, Sp, 2, Lp about 16 mm when open (able to hold 3 Lsb when closed with room to j), 2, Lp, 2, Lp, 2, Sp, 6, cl r. RW.

Ch 8, bp, 8. Sj to Sp.
Ch 12. RW.

R 4, j to Lp with 3 Lsb placed on it, 2, p (about 5 mm open), 3, cl r. RW.

Fr of 5, cl r. Ch 8. RW. R 3, bj (with 1 Lsb) to p of pr r, 2, bj to next Lp with 3 Lsb placed on it, 2, p, 3, cl r. RW.

Next comes the ring with the picot full of beads. This is a Fr made with sh 2. Slide up 5 sb, the drop b, 5 sb. R 5, bp with all the b in it (leave a bit of space so they can dangle freely), 5, cl r.

Ch 8. RW.

R 3, bj to p of pr r, 2, bj to last Lp with 3 Lsb placed on it, 4, cl r. RW.
Fr of 5, cl r. Ch 12, sj to Sp. Ch 8, bp, 8. Sj to top.

Last r 5, j to finding, 5, cl r. Work the ends into this last ring.

© Marilee Rockley 2007

b beads
bj bead join
bp bead picot
Ch chain
cl r close ring
Fr floating ring (made with shuttle 2)
j join
Lp large picot
Lr large ring
Lsb large seed bead
mm millimeter
p picot
pr previous
r ring
RW reverse work
sb seed bead
sh shuttle
sj shuttle join (locking join)
Sp small picot


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

These are lovely. Great job!

Melissa C. said...

What a fabulous project! My name is Melissa and I'm the content editor for I'd love to publish this project on our site. We are in desperate need of tatting projects! You can contact me at for more information. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!