Monday, June 18, 2007

Making a difference

I just couldn't sleep after seeing a documentary on TV about Operation Smile. Since I have been so blessed to have been able to sell things through my etsy shop, I decided to give thanks and share a bit. I couldn't afford to fund an operation, but I made a small donation anyway, and decided to promo them on my blog.

Operation Smile helps kids who were born with facial deformities, whose families can't afford to pay for the 45 minute operation that will change their lives. Operation Smile takes PayPal!

Just so this post won't be totally off-topic here are some photos of something I have been working on:

This is some polymer clay that I thought turned out really ugly, but I am attempting to do something with it. I am just doing size 10 Flora with size 8 seed beads, making a bead join with a drop bead of sorts. Swirling around with twisted, or rick-rack tatting just to see what happens. More on this when I get it done.

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