Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Forest" dye batch and "Vision" necklace in burnt ochre

Dark greens with some lighter highlights. This dye batch turned out closer to what I was actually shooting for than my last attempt! I just had time to start a simple edging pattern to show how the thread works up. Maybe I'll turn it into a bookmark.

This photo is a close-up view of my latest working of my "Vision" pattern. I used size 20 instead of the size 10 called for in the pattern. It works, but using a different size causes some minor adjustments to be made.

Nothing ever is perfect, but hey, if I waited till I got it perfect - it would never get done at all!

With total disregard for hiding ends, I just let them stick out at the end of the neckcord, added beads, and frayed out the ends. Shabby chic, funky, or whatever the fashion people call it - I'd wear it! But I decided to put it up for sale instead.


Tattycat said...

The green thread is lovely, as is the necklace! Beautiful work, once again.

Unknown said...

Marilee, your thread is very nice but I must say that your "Vision" necklace is gorgeuos and thank you for being so generous as to share the pattern. I am going to make one for my daughter as soon as I get a chance. The designs that you create continue to amaze me.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, and I'll look forward to seeing how yours turns out!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Marilee, your new thread is gorgeous! I can't wait 'til payday! The necklace is stunning!