Thursday, January 1, 2009

Victorian Rectangle

Basic edging becomes a bookmark
with no ends to hide!

For pdf file click here.

Basic Edging (written out in the traditional way)
Use ball and shuttle. R 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, cl r. *RW. Ch 3ds, p, 3ds. RW. R 3ds, j to last p of prev r, 3ds, p, 3ds, p, 3ds, cl r. Rep from * for pattern.

Same pattern (written the modern shorthand way)
R 3-3-3-3. *RW. Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3-3-3 (to last p of PR).* Rep *-*

Victorian Rectangle

A bookmark made from the basic edging pattern with corners added. Using two colors leave about 6 inch ends to start; these will become the tassel. (Tip: Do the first ring, then add the ball thread by just laying it in place when you start the first chain. Leave a tail out -- you don't need a knot, it will stay when you have done the first ds.)

R 3-3-3-3. RW. Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3-3-3 (to last p of PR). RW.
Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 6-6. RW. R 3-3+3-3 (to center p of PR). RW.
Ch 3-3. RW. R 3+3+3-3 (to last p of PR and center p of 1st r). RW.
Ch 6-6.

Finishing: Cut threads, leaving ends about 6 inches long. Tie the last 2 ends by taking the core thread (the one that matches the color of the ring) through the 1st ring, bringing the chain thread around to tie the 1st half of a square knot. Then gather all the ends together and tie one big overhand knot, snugging it up to the base of the bookmark. Trim ends as desired.

Ch (chain)
cl r (close ring)
ds (double stitch)

j (join )
p (picot)

prev (previous)
PR (previous ring)
- (picot)
+ (join)
rep (repeat)
R (ring)
RW (reverse work)
sep (separated)


*♥* Heather *♥* said...

so pretty That is on my "gotta tat it" list.
Thanks for sharing your pattern!!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, Heather - glad to hear that you like it!

SY said...

Hi Marilee,
Thank you for posting the Victorian Rectangle. I tried several times to copy it from your other website but could never get it to work. (My son downloaded Firefox and I am having all kinds of compatibility issues, grrr . . . )

Your “Arches” doily is exquisite!

Marilee Rockley said...

You're welcome, Sy. Thanks for letting me know that the pattern worked from here.

Nancy G said...

At tatting group this week, one of the ladies shared this pattern. It is so adorable! Thank you so much for posting it AND I really appreciate how easy you have made it for us using the pdf file! Bless you.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, Miss Nancy. I'll admit to being a bit "techno-challenged", so it took me a while to figure out how to share patterns in pdf format. I'm glad to know the link works and that you're enjoying the pattern!