Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tatting demo at Loose Bead Society

As part of a jewelry techniques with fibers presentation during a meeting of "The Loose Bead Society of Greater Milwaukee", I got to demonstrate tatting! I was actually quite nervous when I first arrived, but people showed so much interest, that I soon got excited talking about tatting and was having fun sharing my love for the craft!

So, a lot of people said they wanted tatting classes. Someone knew of a fabric shop that might be interested in having me teach tatting there, so I will have to get a proposal written up and try to get something started.

There are several challenges to convincing a store to offer tatting classes:
  • tatting doesn't really push that much "product"
  • often stores don't carry the shuttles, thread, and other supplies needed
  • small class size required, ideally 5 students or less (most stores like larger classes)
  • several sessions - the first 2 hour session is spent mastering the "flip" (stores like to display a "quickie" project that can be completed in one session)
  • several basic skills need to be mastered before getting to "the fun stuff"
Anyhow, I will keep trying to find a place to teach tatting classes. Wish me luck!


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Good luck Marilee! With your talent and charisma I am sure you will get enough students!

Tia said...

If you had 2-3 Assistants, all experienced tatters, they could float about & help members of a Larger class with the basics?

Gina said...

Good Luck!

Libraries sometimes have meeting rooms they'll let you book.

TAT19540 said...

Good luck. It would be fun just to take the class to polish skills! If you have enough interested you could offer an intermidate class level! I like the Libray idea. (Yarn stores need to offer tatting supplies-maybe they would get more diverse business!) Nice picture of you.

Marilee Rockley said...

Thanks, LadyShuttleMaker! If you ever met me in person, you'd find out that I really don't have much charisma, LOL.

Tia, if I had help like that - wow, I wish!

Gina, the library here charges $25 for each meeting booked. (Yeah, I know, whatever happened to "public" library?)

TAT19540, it would be wonderful to get people up to an intermediate level!

tattrldy said...

Good luck on finding a place, Marilee! Last time I checked at our library (several years ago) it didn't cost to have the space but you couldn't charge anything for the lessons. Is there a community building anywhere near by? They might have space for less, or maybe free. And hey, to convince a store, don't forget you have written tatting books and been on TV for your wonderful tatting!

Tattycat said...

I hope you have success. I like Gina's idea. Libraries are wonderful places.

MimiD said...

Marilee, 2 other ideas.
1) for sewing/quilting stores: Tatters routinely use quilting thread with good results (once the tatter has the experience for that size thread). So they would have another way to sell more of those colored quilting threads that may be sitting in inventory.
2) in this area, some fire houses allow the public (such as our lacemaking group) to use their classrooms when the classroom is not in use for their own education programs.
Good luck!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! Good luck with getting the tatting class in. Focus on what product does sell with tatting classes and you'll do fine! You'll be a fabulous teacher, I'm sure of it!: )

Unknown said...

Good Luck Marilee, I know you would make a good teacher.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you. I decided to learn to tat when I read a book titled "Vanishing Needle Arts of North America". I was so inspired I found this little old lady in a neighboring town who was willing to give me some lessons. I really enjoy it. I hope you have some students who fall in love with it too.


Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, everyone, for your kind suggestions. I decided to submit a proposal for a tatting class to the local Recreation Dept. If they decide to go ahead and schedule classes for me, I'll be sure to shout about it :-)

Quayceetatter said...

I teach at the Senior Center and have 5 or 6 ladies. This is there 3rd session and they are doing really good. We started with chains and have moved on to the rings. However, this one lady loves the lacie chain pattern with no rings. She will have enough to put around a pillow case! Have fun and love your patterns..

Tatskool said...

Good luck with starting a class. You are so right about people expecting instant results in a class. You just have to convince them that this craft is so special that it is a worthwhile one to learn.

Anonymous said...

Hola Señora,la felicito por sus creaciones son realmente preciosas,que trabajos tan lindos .
Desde Argentina reciba mis saludos.

Marilee Rockley said...

Quayceetatter, sounds like you have sparked some new enthusiasm for tatting - fabulous!

Tatskool, you're right, we just have to convince them about the rewards of creating something so beautiful.

Donny, thank you very much for the compliment!

Any Smith said...

Marilee, your demonstration at the LBS was wonderful and you did not seem nervous at all. Good luck with teaching and I'll put your blog up on the LBS website. If you do find a way to teach a class, let us know!

Good luck!

Amy (the LBS webgoddess)

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you, Amy! I'm glad you enjoyed my tatting demonstration. I put in an application with the Recreation Dept. to teach tatting this summer - gave them my book and some good references, so I hope they will consider me. For sure I'll let the LBS know if the classes get offered!

Any Smith said...

Hi again, Marilee!

We have yet another connection - I was a cellist many moons ago (in another life)

I have lots of cello jokes...

Marilee Rockley said...

Amy, I post my cello adventures at
Hope to see you at some of my concerts :-)