Thursday, September 10, 2009

LadyShuttleMaker's giveaway, and my "escape"

is having a fabulous giveaway every week! Check it out on her blog!

I don't have anything else to share today, except that I'm making plans to escape my "isolation" a bit - LOL. I have made arrangements with a friend to attend the next meeting of the Loose Bead Society. I'm hoping this will be a good way to interact with other creative people in my local area. (As far as I know, the closest lace group is Lighthouse Lacers in Kenosha - quite a drive for me, so I don't get there much.) So, since I include beads in my tatting, I think the bead group will be a good fit for me. I did a tatting demo there once, and they seemed very interested in my work.

BTW, what do you think of the new 'Link Within" widget I installed at the bottom of posts? Does it make the pages load more slowly, is it distracting, or are there other problems? If it's causing trouble, I'll remove it. I'm not sure I like it, myself - it occasionally brings up posts that I didn't really want to be reminded of, LOL!


Gina said...

I haven't really decided how I feel about those Links Within. I couldn't tell that it was any slower. Once in awhile I'll follow one of those links, almost always on a blog that is new to me, not the ones I read regularly. I have noticed that the search feature (on all blogs) doesn't work as efficiently as it used to. Haven't figured out why yet.

Suzanne said...

Hi Marilee! I don't think the widget really slows things down, but it is a bit distracting. When in Idaho (which I am now), I am on the second slowest internet service in the nation (pity the poor sods on the slowest, wherever that may be), and it always takes few minutes for your photos to load. Personally, I like uncluttered blogs best. They load faster! Since you go to a lot of trouble to stage and frame your photographs, extraneous periphery is neither necessary, nor desirable. Just 2 cents' worth from the back of beyond.

Hope you enjoy the bead group. It should be fun and might inspire you to add beads to your tatting in new and different ways. I have always thought that bead weaving techniques such as brick or peyote stitch, or ndebele herringbone, could add some valuable structure to tatted lace. I just have not had the time to explore that avenue, yet.

Imoshen said...

I kinda like the links within. It gives me the chance to see if there was anything I missed reading. Rememberance is a wonderful thing.

Marilee Rockley said...

Gina, thank you for your feedback. I forgot about the search feature - I should use that more often.

Yes, Suzanne, I'm really looking forward to learning a lot of new jewelry techniques at the bead group, and also to sharing my tatting ideas with them. Who knows, I might inspire some of them to give tatting a try!
And, thanks very much for letting me know about how the page loads on a slower connection. I agree that clutter is distracting.

Imoshen, thank you for your nice comment about remembrance. Having thought things over, though, it seems that since I already have my free patterns and technique links in the sidebar, the "Link Within" isn't really necessary for my blog. I have a lot of dye posts and they are all limited supply, so it may be disappointing to people to see what they have missed.

Tatskool said...

Have you taken the link within down, I have been wondering whether to use it since I saw it in Jon's blog. I didn't notice it slowing down her blog.

Marilee Rockley said...

Hi Tatskool - yes, I removed it.
I have so many old dye posts and I couldn't see any purpose in bringing those up. It would be a handy gadget for some blogs, though.