Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boomerang version of "Stirred In Space"

I really like the streamlined, modern, futuristic look of this (way out there!) design. It took me many, many tries to finalize the exact "boomerang" shape that I really wanted.

Here's the same design worked in bright green, with the red-orange accent provided by using hand dyed thread along with a contrasting bead.

To get this style of tatting, I used some lesser-known techniques, including Node Stitch, Catherine Wheel Join, Loop Tatted Ring, and Lock Stitch Chain.

I learned about these techniques from the websites of many generous tatters.
It's fun playing with new ideas!


God's Kid said...

Those look great and the color choices are amazing! :)

Ridgewoman said...

Yes, I see where you've gotten to ~ and I like it!
Being a bit spacey myself and living in New Mexico, land of aliens (outer space and otherwise) it's intriguing. LOL
good job and love the threads…
xx bj

Gala J. said...

great job!

connie said...

Love the teal and black. Being born in the mid fifties this is right up my alley.
Thanks for sharing.
Will this pattern be for sale or just the finished earrings?

Gina said...

I like it much better without that added ring at the lower tip of the boomarang. It has nice clean streamlined ends now!

Krystle said...

Those are so Stinkin cool lady!

Miranda said...

I love the aqua and black combo!

Marilee Rockley said...

Thank you for all of the great comments :-)

God's kid, I'm glad you like the colors! It's such fun to play around with different color combos.

Ridgewoman, I'm so glad you "get it" :-)
I've never been to New Mexico. It sounds like a very interesting and beautiful area - and a little scary!

Gala, thank you!

Connie, I probably won't get the pattern written up for quite a while. It would be very difficult to explain all the details properly. Even more tricky than the "Atom" pattern, I think.

Thanks, Gina, I puzzled quite a while over where I could hide the ends without that ring. It was a real "aha!" moment when I finally stumbled onto an alternative plan.

Krystle, coming from you that is super high praise :-D Thanks so much!

Marty said...

Fantastic! I know a couple of Aussies that would love these boomerangs.

Poohatka said...